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Greatfully deadened.

Well,it all started on a saturday evening when a couple of good friends I knew from school came over to my girlfriends house.

Well,it all started on a saturday evening when a couple of good friends I knew from school came over to my girlfriends house.They told me about a Greatful Dead show that was playing that night.But they had no ride.I had never been to a Dead show before but have been told alot about them.I jumped at the chance.So we loaded up in my car and headed for the show.On the way they informed me that they didnt even have any tickets,but they said that all the action(drugs)would be in the parking lot.So i said what the hell.I didnt have any cash and they was paying for the gas and the drugs anyways.Otherwise,i would probably still be stuck at home playing video games and feaning for a joint.So we finally arrived at the show.There were tons of deadheads and hippies all over the place.I never seen so many burnouts in my entire life.Anyways,we couldnt find anywhere to park at the show,the parking lot was totally full!We couldnt even find a place to park on the side of the road.So we drove around for about an half-hour until we found a big field beside a gas station.People were setting up tents and campers there,so we rushed over.There was a man riding around on a four-wheeler collecting money from people for camping.He asked us for 10 bucks to camp there for the night.But my friends that had all the money said they didnt want to pay to stay.So they gave the guy some bull shit line that we was just looking for someone,and that when we found them we would leave.So we parked and started to mingle with the natives.Deadheads are so damn cool!!!!!Crazy hippie chics were coming up to me and hugging and kissing me!!I was in heaven!!!!!!
But my girlfriend wasnt too happy with it.So,we went searching for some goodies.Deadheads were everywhere selling weed and acid and shrooms and just about every kind of drug you could imagine.As ive already said,i was in heaven.We finally found a HEAD that had some shrooms for sale.We bought a huge bag of shrooms from him and dosed immeadiately.We was walking around waiting for the shrooms to take effect when i spotted a white cargo van full of nitrous oxide.They were selling huge ballons for 5 bucks.We all bought a ballon and stumbled on.It had been almost an hour since we dosed and no one was feeling anything yet.We thought that we had been snookered and started to look for the dude that sold us the shrooms. So i decided to try some of the nitrous and it made me start tripping my ass off.Everyone started to trip at the same time.It was so insane!!!!The laser light show started and we could see it from the distance.We were gettin off pretty good by now.Anyways,we found a good deal on some weed and headed back for my car.We sat there for awhile and debated what the hell was going on.All of the sudden the guy on the four wheeler came back to the car all drunk and beligerant,demanding 20 bucks.And my so called friends had spent all their money on drugs.(at least thats what they said)So this dude told us to pay up or get the hell out.So we all loaded up tripping our asses off.I had never driven tripping before,especially tripping as hard as i was then.The steering wheel started to melt in my hands.The gas pedal and clutch felt like huge marshmellows beneath my feet.And worst of all,there
were cops everywhere.Somehow by the grace of GOD himself,we made it out of the field without running over any peaceful bystanders.We started down the road to hell,little did i know.
I kept pleading with my friends to have them drive but all they could do was laugh at me uncontrollably.I thought that i was going to have a brain fart and kill us.But after a few minutes i started to adjust and collect my thoughts,at least the ones i could make sense of.Everything was cool until semi trucks started to box me in on yhe highway.And boy,was it ever a "highway".I had to pull over about every 5 minutes or so to collect my thoughts.And still,all that my girlfriend and my other so-called friends would do is laugh at me histerically.Somehow we ended up in west virginia trying to get back home to Mansfield,Ohio.I drove for countless hours out in the country,not knowing where in GODS green earth we were.By blind faith,i found my way back on the right track.We was almost home when the sun started to rise.And we were finally starting to come down from our mad high.All of the sudden,a state trooper gets behind me and folloes me for a few miles.Everyone was shitting bricks by then.We had an ounce of weed,6 hits of acid and countless empty and full beer bottles scattered all over the floorboard of the car.Somehow we managed to get all of the empty bottles in the hatchback before he pulled me over.We all had a massive coranary attack at the same time.He came to the window and asked for licsence and registration.Then he 56ed me and and said that i had a warrant for me for not paying fines.He was going to take me to jail and make my girlfriend and two other friends walk about 20 miles back to town.My life was flashing before my eyes.But my girl started to give him a bullshit story and somehow she convinced him to let us go!!!!I still dont really believe it to this very day.Anyways,the moral to this painfully true story is: NEVER,NEVER go anywhere tripping with Brian F.and Mark W.while in a car!!!!!!!!!!!!
But you guys know that i love ya anyways.You too Chantel,your the best that ever happened to me.I will never forget ya.................

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