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Trip from hell

OK it was gonna be my first trip.

OK it was gonna be my first trip. I had done herb befor but no shrooms. So me and my buddies decided to go trip.
The shrroms i had had a large cap i dunno how big i was already stoned on some herb and didnt pay much attention to that. But i remember redish brownish caps a long stalk on it and an odd smell. After this trip i have become a spiritualist and believe that the earth can talk to us.
Which is another reason to save our rainforests mother nature is crying!

First hour: pretty coluors
very happy
light music like phish <-- note we were in the woods with no sound around
Second hour
trees got up and dnced on their roots
i started dancing with them
my friends were yelling at me to stop dancing but i felt like they didnt matter
then they just sort of vanished...
after they left then i noticed the trees left and everything was pitch black
i started yelling and heard slight voices
hour 4
i started running around in no general direction and remember hitting invisible walls ( now that i look back on it probably trees)
i also remembers voise yelling but like at a distance
then i fell to the ground (which was still black)
when i woke up (at this point ive lost all ideas of time)
i saw beams of lights coming towards me
i thought they were aliens coming to take me so i got up and ran for my life
all the sudden my heart felt like it was gonna explode
then i just dropped to the ground and lay there
all i remember happening at this point is hearing my girl friend's voice and sum crying then felling what i think was a jacket or blanket being wrapped around me
(the time felt like days)
When i woke up i was in a hospital bed and my family and friends were there when i asked what day it was they said sunday. (i had tripped on friday slept all through saturday and not even noticed it).
Then i asked why i was then i asked why i was in the hospital.
My friends told me the whole story about me running a mile through the woods and nearly getting hit by a car on the road by the woods.
Then the worst news came. The doctor told me i had fucked up my liver and kideys and needed a transplant and possibly my ability to walk could be permanently messed up too (though luckily i was able to walk again after a few days in the hospital).

After that trip i have never been the same im much more laid back (or so im told). I go through sudden fits of paranoia and long periods of depression for no reason.
Ive also noticed my grades have dropped its seems i cant even concentrate anymore.
And sometimes although not very often ill see hallucenations and spirally colors and stuff and everything suddenly turns interesting to me even talking to people who'd id never even associate myself with ie the av club and band ppl...
The only good spinoff of this is that i have no enemies and everyone seems to be my friend and ive lost the normal "click " standard most other ppl go by and i feel just happy with everything and love everyone.

if you would like to fuck up ure liver and kidneys but then go through the "mellow times" for the rest of ure life then all i have to say is go for it.

-Love igno

ps This is to the guys the doctor said those shrooms could cause impotence i havent noticed anything wrong yet but im just warning ya ahead of time no one wants to take that chance.

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