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Gravitation Reversed

ok, this is the weirdest trip i have ever had, and i have asked around and i have not heard of another one like it.

ok, this is the weirdest trip i have ever had, and i have asked around and i have not heard of another one like it...
me and a friend had 10 grams to share so we split it even and we each ate 5 grams of the nasty tasting sh*t at about 6:00 pm. so we are sitting on my couch watching tv and i start to feel a little wavy and i see some stuff in my house changing colors so i go to the fridge to get something to drink suddenly, i hit the the floor, i open my eyes and..huh? im on the ceiling? yes and i walked around on the ceiling upside down for what seemed like an eternity and explored my whole house from up on the ceiling, then i saw my friend on the couch from up on the ceiling, so i tried to wave and jump around to get his attention but it was no use, then i saw him get up and go somewhere in the house so i went back to exploring my house... when i came back to the kitchen i saw my body on the ground in front of the fridge, and i saw my friend walk into the kitchen and he stood over my body while i was still on the ceiling watching this, and he shook my body for a while and as he did i felt myself get closer and closer to my body until i was in it and then my eyes opened and he was over me asking me if i was ok, and i said yeah, then i went back into the living room and sat on the couch, i looked at the clock and it was 3:00 AM!! where the hell did the time go! so me and my friend put in the movie half baked and fell asleep watching it, the next day i woke up feeling like a million bucks, i felt so refreshed and my friend felt the same, needless to say, i will be doing shrooms again because that experience will forever stay in my mind, and i hope to do some more ceiling exploring..hee hee :) peace and happy shrooming

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