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trippin balls

The other night i did shrooms for the third time with my friend jon.

The other night i did shrooms for the third time with my friend jon. a friend of ours was gonna have a little get together or a party or something at his house and jon was the alcohol hookup so we decide to bring the alcohol to our friends house, have a few beers, and shroom in the basement where noone would bother us. when we picked up the alcohol we also picked up some gummy bears and worms, some doublestuffed oreos and some orange juice for the trip. i had a quarter of shrooms left over from the last time i had dropped over about a month ago.

when we got to our friends house there were maybe a dozen people there and half of them i'd never seen before. me, jon, and the other few people we knew sat in chairs around a table in the backyard. me and jon took the shrooms out right away. they looked a lot darker than i remembered from the first time i took them and i thought that maybe they had gone bad. but i'd never heard of shrooms "going bad".... isn't their whole point of being a drug that they're already bad? we each drop an eighth and down it with orange juice at around 7 pm.

as usual nothing happens for the first forty-five minutes or so and i drink two or three beers while we wait. i start to feel a little stoned and i have to take a piss from the beers. while i take my piss i see that the bathroom light is flashing on and off. i look up at the light and it stops and i realize my trip is starting to take off.

when i get back to the backyard jon is lying on the ground laughing. he says that he can't move and that he feels stoned. in the meantime all of our friends who have never dropped shrooms or seen anyone do it are watching us and waiting to see what we'll do. i begin to notice that the grass and the plants in the backyard are beginning to look alive. on the pavement jon is lying on, i begin to see patterns though at first i think it is just covered in sidewalk chalk. the patterns look green and pink. jon starts petting the cement and says it's like a snakeskin. it starts getting cold so we go inside and sit in a circle on the carpet which has all kinds of dark designs. my trip slowly gets more and more intense and my thoughts start go get really confused. it takes a lot of thinking for me to make sense of the obvious.

after an hour i can tell the trip is gonna get a lot worse soon so me, jon and a couple of friends go down to the basement before the house is filled with people we don't know. the room in the basement has a couch, a stereo, a bathtub, and a ferret cage and is fairly empty. right when we get down there my trip immediately grows and before i can think a straight thought it is just me and jon in the room and there is music playing. jon is lying on his back by the bathtub and i am slouched on the couch. i know i'm familiar with the music that is playing but i can't recognize what it is for the life of me. i am very confused so i look at my watch to see how long we have been down there and my watch melts right off of my wrist. i try to ask jon what time it is but all that comes out of my mouth is gibberish. all i can do is laugh and all jon can do is laugh back. for what seems like an hour all we do is laugh and i keep trying to read my watch but i can't make any sense of the hands or the numbers. i look down at my feet and the carpet is flowing like a river. there are also faces in the river looking at me. i look at the ferret cage next to me and the ferret is glaring at me. i realize he is mad at me and wonder what for. then suddenly one of my friends is sitting on the couch next to me. i'm pretty sure he is trying to tell me something about how long i have been sitting on this couch but i can't understand him. his face begins to suck in and he looks like a skeleton. i get scared and close my eyes. i see what looks like a lot of thorns and open my eyes again. my friend is gone. jon is lying on the floor in the same spot by the bathtub moaning.

i spend the rest of my trip flashing in and out of reality. i am suddenly looking down on a mountain but i am not sure where from. i decide i must be on the mountain next to it. i have a great fear of heights and decide not to move a muscle for fear of falling off the mountain. i wonder how rock climbers can do this and not get scared. not moving a muscle, i watch the other mountain for what seems like a few minutes and i notice some rocks start to slide off the mountain. and then more. it's an avalanche. startled, i roll over and find myself slouched on the couch again. i look back to the mountain and realize i was staring at the arm of the couch. this whole time jon is lying in the same spot on the floor moaning really loud.

i wipe my forehead and notice that it is completely soaked. i wipe it again and again and i can't get it dry. i think it might be blood but convince myself that it's probably just sweat.

past the couch i notice my little cousin and wonder what she is doing here. i try to talk to her but i don't think i even move my mouth. still, i'm upset that she doesn't talk back... 'til i realize she's really the ferret. the ferret is staring at me. i think he is afraid. i look away but i can't escape the ferret's stare. his face is everywhere. he is staring at me from a box of ferret food so i pick it up and throw it.

i make the same mistake again later when a girl comes down to the room and i think she's my sister. i begin to think that maybe i never had a sister. i eventually convince myself that i have lived my whole life in this room and merely imagined everything else. i decide las vegas was really a picture on the back of a magazine, and that hawaii was really the water in the bathtub.

after thinking about it i accept the fact that i have been in this room my whole life. but the thought of being in here forever scares me so i decide to get up and leave. it takes a lot of my strength but i finally get up off the couch and walk out the door past jon who is still lying on the floor moaning. i get upstairs and find that the house is full of strangers. i want to run away but it is too late. i am looking at the ferret again from the couch in the basement. unsure if i'd ever left the room, i get up, walk past jon and go upstairs. i see the house full of strangers again and i am suddenly back on the couch. i live this endless loop for what feels like an eternity, and i eventually accept the loop as my pattern in life.

it finally ends though when i get back to the room and notice jon isn't there and i kinda just snap out of it. i am still tripping hard but when i look at my watch, i see that i am able to tell time again. it is 12:30, 5 and half hours since we dropped the shrooms. i look for jon and i find him in a room on the other side of the basement. he is passed out on the floor next to a pool of puke and his face is beaten up, bloody and bruised. i try to wake him up and i keep asking him to tell me what happened to him but he remains unconscious. i give up trying to wake him up and sit on the floor next to him really confused and trying to figure out what happened.

i eventually come completely down while i try with difficulty to recap the night and looking back at jon's face,i realize the blood and bruises were never there. i turn the light on, though, and see that he has pissed his pants. i go to the bathroom and notice that it is 1:30. i look in the mirror and my eyes are still dilated, and i am surprised to find that i have a bloody, fat lip.

i only talked to a few people before i left for home and i was told that i was pretty chill at first on the couch and then that i was running around the house like crazy for a few hours. i also ran around outside for a while but i don't remember that and there were apparently a lot of people in the house but i don't remember any of them either. i still haven't really gotten to talk to jon about each others trips and noone knows where i got the fat lip. it was a fun trip at first but a lot of it was also really scary. neither of my previous trips were anything like this even though with one of them i took the same amount from the same batch... maybe they did go bad.

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