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:) + cD = :::)))))))

I couldn't think of an appropriate title for my trip report.

I couldn't think of an appropriate title for my trip report. How can summarize the meaning of life and all existance into 15 characters? I just decided to make my title a little riddle. You can find the answer at the bottom of my trip report. :)

Here it goes:

I recently started experimenting with weed within the previous 6 months. I started off slow, just getting high once every two weeks, whenever someone made the offer. Then it became every week, then I bought my own pipe and realized how easy it is to obtain marijuana and before I knew it I was smoking 3-4 times a day.

I'm sure everyones heard that kind of story before, or done it themselves. But as my pot smoking increased so did my tolerence to THC. Smoking weed became a once a week event because it just wasn't that fun anymore. I then gave it much thought and decided that I wanted to try something harder (whoever said weed was a gateway drug? :)...).

I came to the conclusion that I wanted to try shrooms once and only once. Just to see what its like, you know? (thats what I said about weed!:).

The next day I consulted my friend, lets call him Jasper. It was during Algebra class that I introduced the idea to him. He had experimented with numerous other drugs such as ecstacy, LSD and shrooms once before so I knew he would be able to handle it and help me if I needed help. He was up for the idea because the one time that he had tried shrooms he didn't eat enough and only had a mild effect. The descision was made and we began the plannining phase.

I suggested a place known to many a stoner in my home town, a place known as "happy Forest" a.k.a. "Secret Gardens". We both agreed on the location. It was a perfect place between a busness park and a 4-lane road. If you can imagine between the 4-lane road and the road of the business park there is a crevice that goes down about 20 feet with huge trees and branches covering it. Noone can see down there. A creek runs between huge bolders spray painted and written on by Happy forests's many visitors.

Next we had to decide what to bring. Our list is as follows:

-music (portable cd player w/ portable speakers and CD's)
-permenent markers (To write on the bolders)
-rope and grappling hook (don't ask)
-honey to dip the shrooms in
-a change of clothes
-If I can remember any thing else I'll include it later

Next we had to decide on a dose. Since I only wanted to do shrooms once, I wanted to make sure I got the full effect my first time. We both decided to eat an eighth. I was confident that I could control myself... and without further adue I present to you the best day of my life:


Me and Jasper arrived at Happy Forest at 1:30 pm with all our supplies in two backpacks. We sat on the rocks and used the honey to help use choke down the mushrooms. About halfway through eating my eighth I dropped a small bit of honey on the bulder I was sitting on. By the time I was done the small drop was swaramed, and I mean SWARMED with ants!(note: this incident is important to the trip, all further important incidents will be marked with two of these-> **). About every two minutes I would find an ant or two on me, they were really ticking me off.**

We then sihned the boulder with "We shroomed here" followed by our signitures. We each lit up a ciggerette and began to wait for the mushrooms to take effect. I walked around and ended up leaving the honey jar over by one of the boulders.** We finally set up a base camp on a large flat rock in the middle of the creek. We sat down, turned on some music and sparked up another ciggerette. About a half hour had passed since our consumption and we waited,

I began to feel a certain excitedness or feeling of adventure wich I can't explain. I began to see things slightly diffrently. Colors were distinctly brighter and beautiful.

Within another half hour I was having full blown hallucinations. It was insane! I was having the time of my life just sitting on a rock in the middle of a creek with my best friend.Things were morphing and twisting, I looked down at me feet and they looked like they were 10 feet away. The grains of the granite rock began to twist into a river of faces and shapes. This wierd techno music was playing in the background from our cd player, but it didn't seem like it was coming from the cd player. The music seemed to engulf me from all directions and sound and sight blended into one. It was like a music video and the trees and the leaves moved to the harmonious beat of the music. There were these wierd water spiders or what ever and they were gliding and darting back and forth all at once with the beat. I could feel the ants crawling on my arms and on my legs. This I was not hallucinating, they were crawling on me before the shrooms took effect. While at one point I dispised the ants, I know embraced them. I felt conected them in some way, like were all part of some master plan and were brothers.**

My trip was now escalating further. The trees looked like they had bulging, pulsating viens pumping what can only be explained as liquid life from the base of the trunk to the leaves where it dripped down to the ground giving back to the earth all to the beat of some crazy techno music. I then looked at the palm of my hand. Now if you can imagine brain tissue with all the fleshy cloud-like crevices, that is how the palm of my hand looked. It was pulsating and throbbibg in a frenzy with the music, oh and did I mention it was bright pink? I then looked to my right and my friend looked as if he was a kind of forest midget or gnome or whatever thier called.

I was having the greatest time but regrettably at this point things took a turn for the worse. We were probably about two and a half hours into the trip now. My friend got a page from our other good friend Jerry. He was supposed to come see us at happy forest. I was zoning out taking in nature and this is where my story loses it's fullness. The events that take place after this point I have either finally remembered them or heard about them from friends. This is what I have been able to piece together:

As I was zoning out I remember my friendtelling me that he had to walk to the gas station to make a call. I aknowledged that I heard him but I was so focused on the nature in front of me that I had physicaly aknowledged that I had heard him but mentally did not register it. Now, a month later I remember him telling me to watch the stuff, I remember watching him walk up the trail away from me but for some reason all those events didn't register in my mind.

Now I will tell you what happened from the perspective of myself at the time. I was looking down the creek and when I turned to the right my friend was gone. I was then somehow 30 feet from the rock I was sitting on sitting down on a dirt trail looking down at where I once was. I then tried to ponder how I got there. It didn't make any sense. I didn't remember walking over there but I was there. Then I thought "what if I had died and I'm actually still over on those rocks but my spirit left and now I (my spirit) am sitting here." And when I looked up I saw my limp dead body lying on the rocks next to all our stuff. I literally freaked out. If you can imagine a slide show of moments from your life starting out slow and slowly increasimg in speed until the images are flashing so fast in front of your eyes you can't even make out what they are anymore. I thought this was going to happen until eventually everything went black and I was dead. But then it just stopped. I looked back and my body was gone off the rocks and I no longer had any halucinations. I came to the conclusion that I was surely dead and I must have had a bad reaction to the shrooms. Since my body was gone I came to the conclusion that afterlife parallels real life. Every location is the same but the only people in this world are those who have died in the other world. I began to walk around happy forest just adimiring afterlife. When I tried to leave happy forest, I couldn't. I either couldn't find my way out or simply felt I was trapped. I then discovered that in the afterlife you are restrained to a domain, the place where you died. You are trapped here for eternity to do whatever you wish. I thought "this is heaven!" I could finally do whatever I wanted without consequence.

When Jasper and Jerry came back they said they found me lying naked on a rock. I was naked but didn't care, I was in heaven I could do whatever I wanted. I got off the rock, I was so happy to see my friends. I thought it would make sense that my friends would be in heaven with me, heaven is supposed to be perfect. When I got up I tried to give Jasper a hug. He then remarked that I was naked. I told him it didn't matter... I tried to break it to him easily. I said Jasper, I'm dead. They then tried to force my clothes back on me. THey were against me! They weren't my real friends, how could my REAL friends be in heaven with me if they haven't died right? These were imitation friends! But why would there be imitation friends in heaven? To keep me happy? Who is trying to keep me happy? If I'm happy I won't try to leave here, someones trying to keep me here. I ran up the trail and out of happy forest. I had broke free!! I began to strut down the sidewalk. I saw a manup ahead walking about 20 feet in front of me. His back was to me I ran up and tried to surprise him. He pushed me down and helled obsenities at me. Why was he doing this to me? I was trying to make friends. I then came to thetrip shattering realization that I was naked on public streets. I turned around but the man started to follow me. I began to run, I ran in the street and almost got hit by a car. My friends waved me back and I ran back into happy forest. I agreed to put my clothes on. They were compleatly trashed. We went and sat on the boulders. I sat on the ground and leaned up against a boulder and closed my eyes. I was depressed, I came to the conclusion that I was in hell. When I opened my eyes my arm was black and moving in a choatic manner, but this wasn't a hallucination, I had sat down right where I left the honey jar, my arm was swarmed with thousands of ants. I got up and started running, running away from everything. EVERYTHING was turning on me, my friends, the ants who I once called my friends were devouring me. I was hallucinating again. I got all the ants off my arm but then they started coming out of the pores on my arm, they were tearing through my flesh and I couldn't get them off.

I eventually ended up at home and the next day I woke up in my clothes on my couch at home. I went into the bathroom to take a shower and when I removed my clothes I had written on my arm in blue permenent marker in the biggest possible letters "yeah" and on my foot "I know the truth"

Later that morning Jerry took me back to Happy forest to get what I had left there. I looked at the rocks and saw everything that I had written on them. The only thing that I could make any sense out of was "Everything in our life leads up to this"

That day I told everyone I had a bad trip. But now, looking back I cannot possibly classify my experience as a bad trip. It was the best experience of my life and I will never forget it. Now I just can't wait long enough to my next experience with my beloved magical mushroom.

As for the title of my story...

:) + cD = :::))))))

Happy face plus shroom equals a happy face with trails!

Thank you for enjoying my experience, I rated it a level 5 although I have nothing to compare it to because it was my first trip.

Happy days and Happy shrooming!

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