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From Beginning to End

Dear Shroom friends around the world.

Dear Shroom friends around the world. I have been reading the trip reports on 'The Shroomery' for quite some time now and I never felt the urge to write anything or share anything special for that matter although I have tripped on 'street acid' at least fifty times). Well, this all changed yesterday {22/02/1998}, when I shared about 4 grams of Psilocybe cubensis Var. Amazonian with my girlfriend. I gulped the 'shrooms down with some fruit juice.....


It all started about 4 months ago when a friend of mine had some 'leftover' 'shrooms and brought them by in a bankbag (about 0.5 to 1 gram was left over). I was supposed to share them with my girlfriend and go to the laser show with her. We had a fight, she left alone, I was angry at the situation, I ate them all by myself and left for the laser show. I remember that evening, when I saw her at the show (about an hour later, already in the full effect of things) there was this uneasy vibe. I was not effected that badly that I could not speak or make sense of the world and made up with my girlfriend. We went to the forest after that (to our 'sacred' spot) and simply comforted each other. When however I started breaking out in uncontrollable laughter, I had to explain to her that I had consumed the 'whole' banky by myself. After that I was simply put on a guilt trip [as in both senses of the word (or all three)]. The following days to weeks I wanted to get hold of some more shrooms to share with my girlfriend, the whole of South-Africa however, was out of stock (It is very hard to attain shrooms in South-Africa, especially in Cape Town. So, naturally, being the intelligent human-being that I am, I used my wits and searched the internet for some info. To my delight I came across various books and webpages ('The Shroomery' being one of them) to help me find or cultivate these 'shrooms.

After attaining all the materials and tools; and with the help of a bit of patience, I manged to grow them and dry them within about two months.

The evening began at my house at 19:00. We ate about 2 grams each. We were invited to a 21st that evening, where I would meet friends of mine who recently went to a university excursion with me (great fun) -we were supposed to be there at 19:30.

At about 19:15 we could start feeling the effects and decided to leave for the party, (which was being held about 3 km away from my house). As we drove by the forest on the way to the party, I could help myself but to slam on the brakes and park the car. We got out of the car and decided to go and sit at our sacred place.

19:30 -the forest become more and more beautiful (overwhelmingly beautiful and peaceful). I remember my girlfriend asking me: "And you made this?"

And I replied: "Yip, almost out of nothing, out of thin air. Maybe a bit of rice and vermiculite and water but otherwise nothing. Oh yeah, and spores."

She answered: "You're a genius!"

I said: "I could be. But I think nature is the genius rather than I. Me however being a part of nature -in effect being a part of a genius." And with these words I kissed her becoming a part of her.

20:00 -the forest became a part of us, we were a part of it as it was a part of us. I remember looking at individual trees and being able to feel them (understand them, communicate to them?) In the meantime I picked up a stick which was then passed on to my girlfriend, who periodically shifted shape from a beautiful witch to a beautiful angel (yes, with wings and the whole spiel).

20:15 -At about this time the experience was to overwhelmingly beautiful to have been able to even want to speak. (We communicated by what we wanted to do, by thought and action, not as much in speech). I remember my girlfriend's skin-colour becoming a 'spiritual' blue (like the skin colour of Hare Krishna in the drawn pictures of the teachings of Hare Krishna). On the edges of her face, beautiful colours and patterns magestically swept me away into an hypnotic frenzy....

We decided that we'd better go to the party, or else our friends would get worried about us. So we did, It took us about 30 minutes to find our way there, although I knew perfectly well where the party was being held only about 1 kilometer away.......

20:55 -We entered the property, we saw the people we saw the decor and we sat on the couch in the house. My 'excursion friends' talked to me (them being slightly drunk they did not quite notice my state of mind) about the past occurances and good memories. I too spoke about the camp, to only one person at a time however. I did not as much speak about the camp as reliving the whole thing, in the most honest sense of the word. Every memory was attached to the hallucinarory projectory of the way I felt at the time, the things I smelt, the things I saw, the things I heard (simply amazing).

21:30 -My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed the decor in the house, Fantastic, three dimensional Colourful images dancing and playing with one another ('Pattern Games').

22:30 -At this time we grabbed a beer (thinking we were anti-social) and started socializing amongst the people.

02:30 -We arrived at my girlfriends house, everything from this point onwards, is censored.


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