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Alien Contact

We looked long and hard all day and luckily we were able to score some mushrooms at the very last minite.

We looked long and hard all day and luckily we were able to score some mushrooms at the very last minite. We started off by eating one dose of MDEA that came in the form of tablets. As soon as the effects were beggining to be felt i ate my mushrooms (approx 3.5g). My friend used vodka to extract the good stuff from his mush and mixed the solution with orange juice. It was very tasty and easy to drink. He ate the equivalant of what i had. We went outside and ventured to a nearby park, where we enjoyed the effects of the mdea on the swingset. We relaxed like this for about an hour and still weren't feeling anything from the mushrooms so we went inside and do another half pill MDEA each in bumps. After that my friend decided to meditate using yoga while i was beggining to experience minor visual disturbances and closed eye hallucinations. He meditated for upwards of half an hour with perfectly controled breathing and when he opened his eyes he seemed very in tune. We went for a walk outside and it wasn't long before he commented "i feel like the next Ghandi". it was pretty funny actually. We chilled out at a very strange playground for a good amount of time, the muticoloured pieces of the playground began to warp and twist all around us, i could tell at this point due to his amazed gasps that he was about 5 times higher than i was. We decided to walk to a quary that wasn't too far away, its a very beautiful place to be, and a totaly mindblowing place to trip. I began walking and my friend cried out that i had just "disappeared into the colours" so i went back and guided him. Looking back i should have taken him straight home at that point. We hopped over a fence, which my companion couldn't comprehend as a fence, and wandered onto the path which lies in a forest of dense trees. It was nearly impossible to see and left alot up to the imagination. The ground felt like cottage cheese (we we wearing no shoes). We sat of a log in there to try and get out bearings but i decided to continue on and get out of the pitch darkness as soon as my friend began o think he was inside a giant machine with tentacles wraping all around him and he watched my face deconstuct into a bunch of whirling gears and servos. Then we were suddenly out of the darkness in full moonlight in the quary.
Beautiful rocks towered above us and the water was perfectly calm. We made ripples in the water and watched as they ever perfectly inceared in size in all directions. This is about the time when things got a little insane. We started assending the quarry by climing some step like rocks and all of a sudden my friend started speaking another language. A very articulate other language, it was not jibberish, there was structure to it and he knew exactly what he was saying.
Then suddenly i wasn't talking to him anymore. I was talking to somone else who was inhabiting his body. This person was very confused and managed a few sentances in english. Basically i had a two hour conversation with this being, trying to find out who it was, what it was, and when it was from, or when. I thought that my friend might have linked with a person from another time (at least in his own little semi-schizophrenic univesre), the langauge sounded similar to some east indian dialects. The person in his body found our landscapes very strange, and telephone poles and electric lightbulbs of in the distance baffled and frightened it. Eventually the indentity inhabiting his body began to freak out about not knowing where it was or what was going on. But he did blurt out that him and my friend had connected through meditation. I found this too very interesting, but thought it might be a good idea to try and get my friend back, because i didn't know what kind of place his consiousness might be in right now. I looked right at him and told him his name, where he was from, his mom and dad's names, where he was, how old h was and the fact that he had eaten a psychoactive drug, this seemed to instantley bring him back into his own body. We discussed what had happened thuroughly. According to my friend he was walking in the quary with me, tripping balls and then as we were climbing up the quary reality gradualy dissolved and was replaced by another reality. He found himself quite suddenly in somthing elses body, he WAS this thing. It was not human and did not speak our language, but upon entering the things body his bring was STUFFED FULL of everything this thing knew. He was in a world of huge trees and massive mountains, a planet billions of times more ancient than ours. He talked with and interacted with several alinen beings that seemed to know him, and they took him to a mysterious beam of light, which once he stepped into it sent him on a whirlwind tour of this planet, he saw incredible vistas and landscapes beyond anything from this planet. The experince left him metaly drained and very frightened, as well as curious. My trip was somwhat mundane in comparison so i won't describe it. All in all and interesting night.

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