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The Monster Shit

My friend and i had never tripped on shrooms before, but we got some from a friend we knew after a concert.

My friend and i had never tripped on shrooms before, but we got some from a friend we knew after a concert. We decided it might be fun to give them a try. After downing about 4 or 5 grams each, we didn't feel anything. We thought that we might have gotten bad shrooms or something, so my friend went upstairs and threw up for about 20 minutes. He figured this might get rid of the bad shrooms from his system. I stuck with it for a little longer and it was all worth it. About an hour into the experience, it got so intense. I wandered downstairs into what seemed to be an extremely large room with a huge toilet. I climbed up the side of the toilet for about 20 minutes. It felt like i was climbing up a long set of stairs. After i had reached the top of the "stairs" i sat down on the toilet. As i was releasing the shit out of my ass, the most wonderful, vibrant, colors came streaming out of what seemed to be a giant asshole painting on the wall of my bathroom. I stared and this magestic asshole until my shit was over. I stood up from the toilet and slowly pulled up my pants without wiping my ass. I took about three or four steps to the door and realized that my ass was mushy. I thought for some reason i might have sat on a banana or another produce item earlier and it could have gotten lodged in my ass crack until i sat on it and released its squishy potential. I stepped out of my bathroom and my friend yelled at me " Dont you know how to wipe your ass?". I replied "No". Then all of a sudden, he kicked me in the ass, releasing more shit that had been stored there in case of emergency. As soon as the shit hit the ground, my trip ended abruptly. Mushrooms are so cool!!!

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