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my world

it was a nice summer night and my second time shroomin.

it was a nice summer night and my second time shroomin. I took an eigth with two friends at my other friends house, i tried drinkin them mixed in with pepsi, then orange juice and finally water. Within five minutes i felt like a little kid and groovy. I got in a car and started jammin to the music. We arrived at my friend krissy's house and laid down on the bed looking blankly at thepretty ceiling, which happened to start moving in a circular pattern. I rose in delight to see the most beautiful, bright posters i had ever seen. Within a few minutes we were all outside walking on a trail when i suddenly got the urge to start rhyming and it all made sense to me. We walked to a creek and sat down in the grass. By then I was already going in and out of reality. The feeling of wet grass on my hands wouldn't leave. After a couple of moments, I was sure that I had pissed my pants!my freinds eventually picked me up. I couldn't stop dancing, I could see trails coming from my rhythmic motions. It almost looked like sand was melting, and I was the sand! Then we got back to the house,I asked my freind if I could sit in the back of his car. I slithered my way in as reality started to drift even further...I found a basketball, and tried to use it as a pillow to sleep on, within a matter of seconds, nothing was real.3d shapes were flying towards me, and pretty soon Iwas the shapes.I started to see police sirens. I thought I was being busted in reality. I was non stop blabbing to myself about shit I didnt know about. I started coming down and I looked out the window at a tree. The leaves were purple fish moving back and forth. Pretty soon I heard a bang on top of the car, which in reality was my freind todd running on the hood(he too was tripping). in a couple more minutes, my friends were trying to get me out of the car. I then rolled out the back looking at people staring at me. eventually i got up and had a rhyming conversation with new friend. we gathered up around in a big van, my new friend started smoking weed and offered, but I refused. the smell of the weed aroused me. from then I layed around like a lazy ass feeling good until I came down. Over all, It was a good trip.

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