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This is a trip that I had a few months ago.

This is a trip that I had a few months ago.

I woke up early in the morning knowing that I would be dosing around 11am. I proceded to go for a run in the forest to get my mind straight and to prepare for whatever wonders I was about to behold. I had a bowl of cereal at aroung 8am and planned not to eat anything more until the trip was over. After my run I consumed what was between 3.5 and 4 grams of homegrown mushrooms.

The effects of the fungus were almost immediate and within 15 to 20 minutes the supposedly finite world was swimming. The letters in the magazine I was reading were dancing around and the wood grained table I was at became a kalidescope.

This is when my stomach started to feel extremely uneasy, and for the next 30 to 45 minutes I tried to fight the urge to vomit. Eventually I gave in and threw up in the toilet. Since I hadn't eaten anything the toilet contained nothing except a not unpleasant bluish "picture". Feeling much better I decided to watch some television.

While I was watching TV, the world started to get increasingly hard to understand. I no longer felt sounds through my ears, it was as if they were felt through every cell in my body. It was literally as though I was emersed in a substance consiting entirely of auditory stimulation. As I fell deeper and deeper into my trip, I started to lose contact with myself, and had to remind myself that I was a human being and I had taken a drug.

I was having trouble grasping this concept and getting very anxious, so I crawlwd into my bed as some link to being human as well as a warm comfortable place. This is when the profound "visions" began.

For the rest of the report I will refer to myself with "" since I was really no longer me.

"I" seemed to be on some cosmic plane and felt the feeling that "I" had melded with other similar entities. "I" felt as though there was some sort of trinity structure that was overseeing "my" experience (which is strange since I am not at all religious). It was as though "I" had become one with "god" and the universe was mine to see.

After this "I" was taken to another plane of existence filled with colors too amazing to describe. "I" was a green sperical being and was atop a disk-like object. Below the disk were an infinite number of universes and though the disk were circulating beams of light. "I" was told that these beams of light were the souls of people who were being reincarnated either to their original universe, or to another one.

After "I" was left for a while to watch this process in amazment, I was all of a sudden back in my bed, and no longer fully tripping. I felt very shaken but was glad to be back as myself and to have had such an amazing experience.

I had something to eat and tried to work out the deeper meaning of what had just occured, yet I am still at a loss.

I am quite amazed that a dose the size I took could have the effect on me that it did. While the experience was very unsettling at the time, I don't think I would trade it for anything.

Peace and happy tripping.

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