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They're Grrreat!!!!!

I had been researching shrooms for awhile now on such fine sites as the shroomery, and me and my friends, H and T, decided to trip for the first time, hard.

I had been researching shrooms for awhile now on such fine sites as the shroomery, and me and my friends, H and T, decided to trip for the first time, hard. T had a connection and got 3 eighths from this guy he knows of some nice shrooms. The guy came by Ts house, and we picked em up. We then drove to Hs house, and consumed them there with orange juice. We had also bought a quarter ounce of some flame bud for the occasion, and we went outside and smoked hella bowls outta Hs bong. I was blown as hell, and so was T and H. It had been about 15 minutes since we had eaten the shrooms, and T figured he should roll a few joints and a blunt for later since he knew hed probably be too fucked up to do it later. By the time he was done, we were all high as hell and i was starting to trip, as was H and T. I was seeing cool psychedelic patterns on Hs wall. Hs house is the tweekest house i know of. It's pretty huge, and his family is persian, so he has all this wallpaper with tweek patterns all over it. The shapes turned into a crocodile, then a blackbird, then a racoon. I decided it would be boring as hell if i just watched the wall the whole time, and turned around to find that H and T were staring blankly at the wall too! It had been about 45 minutes since we dosed and we were all trippin hard as hell. I tried suggesting that we go into the kitchen, but i actually said, "Kitchen, let's go into guys." T started cracking up after i said this, and so did me and H. We tried walking to the kitchen, down another one of Hs tweeked out hallways, either side of me the walls were breathing and smoothly flowing to the pattern of "I am the walrus" by the beatles that was playing over and over again in my head. We went into the kitchen and i started pouring iced tea or something like that for everyone, we were all still laughing from my little mix up earlier, it was hilarious. i Had bought some of my favorite cd's and put beatles in Hs stereo, i turned up strawberry fields and programmed it so all the tweek songs would come after that. I glanced up from my drink and saw a Frosted Flakes box, at which time, when i thought i couldn't get any higher, i got twice as high,and this intense rush came over me. At this point, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" came on the stereo, and tony the tiger jumped from the cereal box, pulled out a jilla, and smoked it in front of my face, i asked if i could hit it too, and he said yes, so i hit for awhile, and got even higher. The hallucination then quickly diminished and i realized that it was actually T that had the joint and he had handed it to me. I told H and T this and they cracked up again. Well, actually, T did, H was in some sort of trance staring at his microwave talking about how cool shrooms were.T then suggested we go outside and do whatever. We said that was cool so we walked outside.
It was freaky, as soon as we left his driveway his parents pulled up and waved. When his dad waved it looked like he had 50 arms and was some sort of Persian god. At this point i noticed i had left his stereo on really loud but H said not to worry about it. As soon as they went in the house, t pulled out the blunt and said it was time to peak. We said coo and we smoked it in Ts car. T then said he was way too fucked to drive so we drove back to Ts house and chilled there, no one was home. We smoked another joint and i was so fucked up i didn't have any idea what was going on.
We then watched some tv and this is where i peaked. T put on his own cd he had that had "I am the walrus" and put on on repeat really loud. I saw small cars driving on the ceiling and a rabbit steal Ts tv among many others i cant remember. but when i saw the rabbit take the tv i ran after it and while i was running through T's halls the beautiful colors engulfed me and i left reality and drifted into colorland where i am the walrus played and i was suspended in mid air surrounded by colors. I was hearing the colors and seeing the music for awhile too, that was cool.
Anyway, we all tripped for awhile after that, and it was cool. Shrooms: Just do 'em. Thank you for your time

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