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indecent exposure

->benbert> This is where I scream again and run.

one day me, bert & al went for a look for some shrooms out near the state forest. we were looking around for about 15mins when bert found the biggest fucking gold top i've ever seen! we then walked on a bit further out & found a cluster of about 12 blue meanies. O.K. we were set for a partay. me & bert had tripped before but this was alex's first time. we took 'em back to my house & coated them with some cooking chocolate then chucked 'em in the freezer to harden. we left them in there all day & then at about 7 that night we started 2 make phone calls asking people 2 come over & bring some gear for a partay. we ended up with an ounce of skanky sticky bud, a 50 of speed, a 25 of opium, a carton, ten tabs of lsd & our shrooms. we had about 20 people all up, 5 of which would not touch drugs if u paid them 2. after about 2 hours everyone was partaying & getting either blind or trippin like shit. me & bert had a couple of tabs each but alex is'nt into synthetic shit. then we got our shrooms out & ate them between ourselves. me & bert halved the gold top & had 3 meanies wile alex had 6 meanies.


we were already trippin pretty hard of the other shit.
(like we were floatin' on the ocean or somethin')
we started to share out the mushies.
and pretty much everyone in the house was fucked.
So, about ten of us were just sitting in the loungeroom waiting for them to take effect.
we had NOFX playing on the stereo, and their ususal fast paced beat suddenly became distorted and slowed down.
I looked around, as if it was all in slow-mo.
my thoughts at the time were ........
my first feelings of the shit comin on was that of nausea.
i started feelin heaps sick & started gettin paranoid about od'in. we were listening 2 NOFX & bert was moving his head around looking at everything really slowly & saying "what the fuck is up with the sound?" i looked at my watch & saw it had been an hour after we took the shrroms & thought nothing would happen. we all shared around a few cones so i started to stop worrying about od'in & the nausea went away. i heard someone calling my name & it seemed really distant & i didnt respond. i looked around me & everyting was really blurry, then evryting went fuzzy & it suddenly seemed as if i was watching a movie.


well, by now I was feeling pretty fucked up..., so I went outside for a breath of fresh air.
It was really cold and I suddenly thought it was snowing.
My first instincts then were to go snowboarding, so I ran to the top of the nearest hill I could find, then ran and dived down it.
suddenly. i was falling through the air in the pitch black night.
I was falling so slowly, it felt as though, i|D stopped in mid air whoa!
I was rolling around in the wet grass, which was like being in the ocean. there was suddenly the sound of someone yelling.
I realised i was in the grass and there was a house near me
I got up, not knowing where I was, or what to expect.
I made my way back to the house...

i was still sitting in the lounge room spinnin out from the feeling tat i was in a movie. i looked at alex who was sittin next to me & said wheres bert? he just stared at the ceiling with his mouth wide open & his tounge hanging out. so i got up & walked out into the kitchen 2 look for bert. i looked out the window into the backyard & saw him jumping off my gravel pile & landing face first into the ground. i started looking at my shoes & they started growing these snakes which were hissing & trying 2 bite me so i took them off & threw them in the fire. i ran back into the loungroom & alex was now standing up. he just looked at me & started pushing me around going "u wanna fight me? huh? do u wanna fight me?" then everything started swirling around me & i was suddenly in a boxing ring. alex started throwing punches at me & got in a couple of good hits. then this really big guy got in the ring with a fire poker & started beating alex around the legs with it. alex took his pants & boxers off & said my legs! my legs! & ran outside & down the road in the freezing cold all the while mumbling about his legs.

I'm just, like totally fucked up here, stumbling towards the house when the sensor lights came on, they nearly blinded me. I looked back up, and theres this tunnel with a light at the end which was getting bigger...a train appeared and I fucken freaked... I put my hands over my eyes and crouched in a little ball screaming fuuuuck!!!!
the noise stopped and, i stand up.
the train has gone leaving me in its wake.
I can see the house again and walk..- stumble up to the door.
It's really warm inside and I just stare at the fire
I'm like, staring into it and It suddenly goes upside down
I can see elephants and all sorts of shit in it
Then I turn my head and there is this bowl of fruit.
I'm, like, staring at this bananna, and It opens its eyes and looks at me.
I freak again and it starts to say 'eat me' and 'dont worry its alright..... eat me.... EAT ME!!! >>>
This is where I scream again and run.
I hit something hard....... all is black.

i was lying on the ground for like a half hour laughing at alex. eventually i got up & started 2 walk down this really long tunnel. there was water dripping all around me & it was really dark, up ahead i saw this light so i started running at it & im suddenly surrounded in it & it hurts my eyes real bad for a bit & then my eyes adjust & i can see im in heaven. i walk around this really big garden & see a big river which is running really fast. i start to climb up this big rock & sit at the top. i can see all these clouds below me & it looks really nice. all of a sudden a big gustof wind blows up & I start falling really slowly, but im not scared because i tink im already dead. i can see the ground rushing up towards me & i hit the ground hard & it hurt like all hell. i just lay there for a while & fell asleep on the grass.


Well I woke up the next morning hurting like fuck.
I was covered in dirt and cuts and I had a splitting headache and a big bruise on my head.
I got up and looked around. whoah... (thats what I thought)
there was broken glass everywherewhere i was laying.
I was the only one awake.
There were people laying in puddles of their own vomit everywhere, naked people in the bedrooms, bongs and beer bottles everywhere, syringes on the table, and smashed windows.
fuck, that was one big partay.
I start to clean up the mess.
After about a half hour, people start to wake up
rose was awake, and when she saw me , she told me what I did
Apparently, I was staring at the fruit, thend got up and ran straight into the glass sliding door and knocked myself out.
well, , all the glass and bongs and syringes are cleared up when ben comes in.

i came inside & the place was surprisingly clean, except for a big bloodstain on the lounge & a few people on the floor. i walked into the kitchen, took one look at the sliding door & went off my head. i started accusing people & throwing plates around. bert managed 2 calm me down & explained what happened. then rose told me that i fell off the roof & kinda just passed out.

(alex was unable 2 write as he has 2 appear in court 2day on charges of indecent exposure & for being under the influence of illicit substances.)

The End 0_o
...for now


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