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tripin off weed

I know this site isn't about marijuana, but I feel that it should be shared anyways.

I know this site isn't about marijuana, but I feel that it should be shared anyways. I went camping one night with a bunch of friends. We got their about 10pm, and I immediatly started drinking. Before hand around 8pm before I left, I took a allergy pill (claritin) because If i was in wooded areas i knew i was gonna have some trouble. So anyways on my 3rd beer my friend whipped out his 1 1/2 foot glass bong. This thing hit hard, I mean real hard. Everyone was racing over this shit he had, and how damn strong it was. Now on a personal level I do not weight very much, I am about 5'5" 135 pounds. I am not a huge person, so it doesnt take too much to get me ripped. And i don't smoke weed on a regular basis, maybe once every 2 or 3 months. Last time since was about 2 months and was hardly anything....
So the bong gets passed to me, its a fresh nug of this KB,
I take a whopping hit off of it, I mean i drew up maybe 15 seconds worth of smoke and cleared the entire thing. I begane coffing for about 90 seconds straight, I just could not stop. It felt like their was fire in my lungs. Almost instantaneously I felt the effect. I have felt being really high before and I thought it was going to just be another one of those days. Nope. about what seemed to me, 5 min after I took the hit I was completley in confusion. My body began to go numb. Everything around me moved very slow and felt very distant. I began to panic and I could feel my heary racing. I had no Idea what to do so I decided to rest my head and close my eyes. About what seemed to be 5 minutes after that I totally lost every perception of reality. I could not regonize faces, even people who I have known for years. I did not even know they were people. They looked like people but I was just so confused. I tried to get a grip on myself and I just couldnt. I began to slip more and more into this state of being that was terrifying. AFter noticing that I had not moved for over 45 min now, people began to get worried. I began to have Deja Vu over and over. A couple of friends arrived, and before it happened I saw it in my head. And when they did get here, it was like some kept pushing rewind. I must of watched them arrive 6 or 7 times, saying the exact same thing over and over. I just stared not knowing what was going on. I do remember one thing, I recognized one object that helped me stay focused and not completly lose it. Their was a picnic table that everyone was sitting on. I looked at hte picnic table and at first did now know what it was, what it was for what it was called. And then it hit me, that it was a picnic table. From their I jsut kept telling myself what it was over and over. And from their I would try and map out my sourroundings. SLowly I noticed the cooler, and I would look at the cooler and tell my self what it was. This was all to try and stay within reality. My thought would stay in my head for maybe 3 second increments. Every 3 seconds I would forget everything that I was just thinking about and I had to start over. I am assuming that i had such a high level of THC in me that my brain had been engulfed and had trouble processing short term memory. I also assume that I had some kind of reaction with the claritin. Well anyways, I heard someone say that I was not breathing. At this point I started to slowly get over my peak. I noticed that my head start to tingle, and indeed i was not breathing. Still sitting up staring straight ahead. I had to tell my self to breath. My involuntary reactions that I take for granted everyday had somehow ceased. I began breathing again forcing myself to inhale and exhale. This felt still very foreign. FRom what they said I looked very pale and my head started to shake a lot. After that I woke up in the tent about 5 hours later still really high, but with a sense of what was going on around me. I feel asleep and in the morning I had a massive headache. EVeryone looked at me like I was ghost or something. Very strange experience, and definitly not something I would like to repeat. So the moral of the story, always better go with a little less than a little more, becuse it could be your last time. I thought it was going to be mine.....

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