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Coke & Shrooms=bad!

I had done shrooms a couple times in the past, about 2-3 grams each time of moderately strong shrooms, and I experienced mild hallucinations.

I had done shrooms a couple times in the past, about 2-3 grams each time of moderately strong shrooms, and I experienced mild hallucinations. This particular day I set out to buy 5 grams of shrooms, and coke for a friend. So I got the shrooms and 2 grams of cocaine, and I went home.
My friend started out by doing cocaine, since I wanted to eat the majority of the shrooms. I began to eat the shrooms which taste foul, but I still ate them plain. After about 10 minutes I consumed almost all the shrooms, mostly large tops, and only left a few stems. The total amount of shrooms I consumed was about 3.5 - 4 grams. I hadn't done shrooms in about a year, and forgot it takes like 45 mins for me to feel anything, so about 30 minutes after eating them, my friend kept asking me if I wasnted to do a couple lines of cocaine, so I complied with his request, and did 2 medium sized lines (big mistake.) Immediately after snorting the coke I felt high, very high, it was good coke. Then my friend got a call and said he had to go work, which meant I had to stay in my house all alone. He left right as the shrooms started to hit me, and hit me they did. I started seeing a rainbow halo around the lights inside, and I knew it was going to be intense. With my last rational thought, I told my friend to hide my car keys from me. I decided to go outisde, (now I am totally alone, my friend left for work) and clear my head since I felt like I was starting to lose control. I began to see intense, vivid hallucinations, especially of the clouds. Once the clouds started to turn into scary faces, I had a feeling this was going to be a bad trip. That was my biggest mistake, believing it was going to be bad, and then all hell broke loose. (at least it felt like)I was losing control of the trip very quickly, and knew I had to get inside and lay down. First I stumbled over to the sink and filled a cup with water to have next to me during the trip, which I ended up spilling all over myself. I stumbled to my room and closed the door. I threw my pillows and comforter on the floor and collapsed on my bed, staring out my window. The dogs bark sounded crazy and disorganized, the clouds started taking scary forms, and I started to get scared. With nobody to calm my wacked out perceptions of what was going on, I thought these hallucinations were real, in fact I knew it was real at the time. I laid down on my bed, and I kept having a very scary visual hallucination of my nose bleeding all over my room. I thought I couldn't see the blood, and that in reality I was bleeding all over the place because I kept having short flashing visuals of blood all over my bed. I was convinced I was really bleeding all over the place, and I just couldn't see it. This of course I knew later was just the feeling you always get after snorting coke, but of course I didn't know that then.(no,i didnt bleed in real life) After that, I started to peak. I have no idea whether I actually did what I thought I was doing, but this is what I and what I beleived I was doing. I felt I was in a constant loop, going to watch tv, walking back to my room, then goimg to the bathroom, and time was standing still.(I actually broke my clock during the trip) I kept believing I was in the "real world", but then I would all of a sudden be in a different world(by world I mean the same house and place, but I kept thinking the "world" I was in was real, but I kept switching, the closest analagy I know is the TV show "Sliders", where you keep going from world to world, which is the same location, but different circumstances. Just like the TV show, I wanted to go to my home world, where I originally started the trip.) I literally began to beleive I was dying when the effects of the coke got really intense. My heart rate must have been like 200, and I could barely breathe, because I kept forgetting to breathe (don't you hate it when you become aware of your breathing) I was totally convinced I was dying, and believe me that is the scariest feeling I have ever felt, and will probably ever feel. I took one last look at my clock and it seemed to be the same time as when the trip started, so I threw it down, and I don't remember anything after that. It was about 6:45 then, and my next memory isn't until 7:20, so I have no idea what happened during that time period.
I came too on my bed, and my friend was knocking on the door. I let him in, (i only remember fragments of this), and I was totally relieved, and ecstatic for being alive (i know it sounds corny, but its true) and I was glad I was staying in one reality, and not switching any more. I knew this was my world, and I had made it through a very bad trip. The comedown was as intense as all my previous experiences with shrooms, and that was ilke 3 hours after taking them, so I knew they were powerful. i totally enjoyed the comedown effects, red roses are so cool on shrooms. At about 10pm (i originally ate the shrooms at 4:30) i called my friend to ask where my car keys were, and I found them and drove over and picked him up at work.
During the extreme part of the shroom experience, I felt as if my mind had been transported somewhere, but I could still think. At that time I swore I would never ever touch shrooms again, but what can I say.... I smoked a weed/shrooms blunt later that night. So much for my promise, after the experience I realized, it was the coke interacting with the shrooms that made the trip a bad one. So anyone reading this who hasn't tried shrooms, don't take this the wrong way, shrooms can be fun, under the right conditions.My advice : Don't shroom alone, and don't mix with other drugs!

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