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aloha from amsterdam


This trip may bore some people because there are no monkeys,
and the grass doesn't grow to the sky, and I don't meet any
famous dead people. I was staying in a hostile near the Van
Gogh museum so I decided to go out with some friends and buy
some mushrooms. I mean if it's legal to buy them on the
streets why not do them. We stopped at a nice little store
who's name escapes me because I was too high to remember at
the time and I got 20 grams of fresh Hawaian mushrooms.
Again I was too high to remember the specific breed. So
with mushrooms in our backpacks we walked around a bit to
get rid of our high. Once we were feeling a little "sober"
we stopped at a coffeeshop, The Bulldog, trendy, yes but it
was the closest one to our hostile. As we sat in the back
room, ironically it was once a prison cell and still had the
bars to prove it. As we sat there eating our mushrooms I
realized that I like the taste of dry shrooms better.
Nonetheless I ate, and ate, and ate, until all that was left
were two empty boxes in front of my. With that out of the
way we decided to roll a couple of joints, we ended up
rolling 7 but that's not important. So about a good 40
minutes later we got up to go back to our hotel to get a
drink at the bar. I went up to my room to see home friends
and that's when the fun began. I put my walkman on and
started blasting away Leftism by Leftfield. As I listening
the the african inspired rythms and haunting synth notes I
began to notice my friends moving in weird ways, in fact I
notice there were a lot more of each of my friends then
before. I sat there for a while not really comprehending
what was going on. Soon my eyes started water and I had to
ask a sober friend if i was really crying. As they left to
go to dinner I opted to stay behind because I was already
beginning to feel the violent seperation between my mind and
my body that I often experience while shrooming. So I lay
down and decided to see where this trip took me
As I lay in bed half conscious I kept catching glimpses of
people, not a crowd or a small group but billions and
billions of people. They were floating around in a
blackened abyss much like you'd imagine electrons zooming
around in an atom. As I watched them I realized that there
were so many people on this little planet and probably
trillions on countless other planents. I soon felt
infinitely small, much like an electron seems to us. I saw
my friends I was with, in fact most of the people I knew in
my life, we had formed a sphere, connected by arms, trying
desperately to remain together inside the chaos that was the
In between intervals of seeing people flying around I
constantly checked myself to see that I had not urinated or
deficated in my pants as if felt I constantly was. When I
found no sign of embarrasing accidents I got up, went
downstairs and sat in a plush leather couch in the lobby.
In the hostile I was staying at were several tours groups.
As I sat there people would shuffle in, gather, and be
shuffled out, 15 minutes later it would all begin again. I
looked at the people being treated like cattle and felt
sorry for them. I did have many people ask me what I was on
and when I told them all the things I'd eaten, smoked, and
snorted that day many turned away with an exasperated look
on their faces. Once all the tour groups had left for the
evening I went for a walk in the rain listening to the new
Deftones CD, The White Poney, which was simply beautiful.
The haunting melodies, the powerful drumming and dark cords
came together to make perhaps the most enjoyable walk in the
rain I've ever experienced. I know this doesn't sounds like
a level 5 but that's because it can't really be described.
It's a very personal thing and it's

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