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chillin in paradise

I had just bought an ounce of gold capped mushrooms, man were they beautiful.

I had just bought an ounce of gold capped mushrooms, man were they beautiful. Me and my friend Justin ate about 2 eighths which is about 7 grams. It was like my second time shrooming. We ate it with a slice of pizza and a soda to kill the taste. We probably ate a little more, it was a lot. After eating them in his car we drove up to our high school and smoked about 3 bowls of some sick bud. I think it was really good hydro, though it smelt kind of like a rainforest. As were leaving the woods of our high school I could already feel the trip starting to come on. We drove quickly back to my house where we called people up. About 45 minutes after munching down the shrooms we went to chill with mad heads that were all going cliff jumping. We drove to this kids house. I didn't think it was a good idea to drive but we had nothing else to do and we weren't tripping that hard yet. When we got there it was like the whole existence had changed. I kept hearing nonsenical babble all around me. We sat outside the pool in these patio chairs. My chair was mad fucked up and wouldn't stay straight, it was moving all over the place. As i sat down and looked at the pool there were these Norweigen girls that were staying at his house and they were hot. They seemed to be glowing and all of sudden i was in some strange fantasy paradise . It was like the whole area was enclosed by beautiful trees and glowing green grassy pastures. I felt like this for i don't know how long. Time had no meaning. Even though i looked at my pager and saw the time i still couldn't grasp the concept of what it meant. As i got up I couldn't walk properly. I had a strange pain in the back of my knees. My friend seemed to be tripping face too because i could see an expression of confusion and aww on his face. We were starting to leave, where i didn't know. I assumed we were getting back in Justin's car, as did he. He kept flinching and making sudden strange movements. He tried to start the car but was stopped by one of my non-tripping friends. His keys were taken and my friend Evan who is short of a liscence took the wheel. We cruised down the back road for a little bit, me having no idea what was going on, just happy to feel the wind on my face. It felt like i was flying. We came back to the house and Evan parked the car. When we got out Justin tried to get back in but was stopped by Evan. We piled into a jeep and Justin and I were stuck in the trunk, which was fucked up considering we were on shrooms. We drove for what like forever and during the car ride i kept forgetting that i existed. I was just there. I kept forgetting that i was in a car and that i was alive. It just kept escaping from my mind that i was a life form. Justin was beginning to get aggitated and kept saying that he wanted to go home and why was he in the trunk of a car. when we go to the first cliffs, which was on the side of a highway we got out. We walked on a trail. I calmed Justin down by telling him we were gonna smoke again. We smoked about two joints with this kid Destree who looked incredibly starnge. His face appeared to be flowing into his nose. It was like his face was a stream of water. I changed and got in the water i wasn't about to swing on the rope that was there that launched you up about 25 feet the when you let go into water. The water felt pretty good. When i got out i saw a pair of shorts and i got pretty upset because i thought they were mine and i also found a wallet that looked like mine and i got more upset that i was loosing shit. i shoved it all in my bag and we left to go to the next place. When we got there the cliffs were enormous like 70 feet. Justin was complaining more tahn ever because he had jeans on and we were like 40 miles from home. I didn't really like it either. He started to bug out and asked mike's girlfriend if she was god. By then i had almost stopped visualing and my voice just felt distant from my body. Justin started asking mike's girlfriend all these questions about life and if he was gonna be alright. When we finally started to leave Justin was still bugging out. Then Destree got up and said "It's all good Justin, Its all good". That had to be the most meaningful thing I have ever heard. It was like he was a wise monk who knew everything. After Justin really started to flip. He started to tell this kid he never met before all about his life and his problems and that how it was all fucked up. When we started to go back i was done visualing but found out that i had two wallets in my bag and two pairs of shorts both looked very much alike. I ditched the shit i picked up by mistake and took the ten that was in the wallet i found. When we finally got back to mike's it was strange because the place looked completely different than when i was tripping. I think from now on I'm gonna stick to eating about 4 grams.

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