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things change last august i was camping with some friends.

things change

last august i was camping with some friends.
myself and two other people were planning on shrooming that weekend. we spent the first day and night just relaxing and decided that on the second day we were going to wake up early and get started before the rest of the group was awake and about(there were 14p people).
around 8am i ate my 8th and drank a bottle of o.j.
soon after the effects kicked in.
this was my 6th or 7th time i have done this so i knew what
to expect,or so i thought.
i started off sitting by a stream and began to notice a rock in the middle of the stream turn into a big reptillian looking eye, just staring at me for a good 10minutes.
i looked away from the eys to see all my surrondings turn into a grid like map. everything was 3dimensional but i could only see in this grid type vision. i closed my eyes to swans flying by. as soon as i opened them the grid was gone. that was the fist time that had happened to me so it was a little weird. i deciced to walk out away from the camp area for awhile.i ended up in a patch of clearing in the forest with a bunch of rocks and boulders. i sat in the middle of this clearing on a big rock for about 3 hours.
time space and myself and all other life forms were unsepearble at during this time. i was sitting on a rock but standing in the middle of nothing at all and everything at once.during this time is when things changed for me. i was talking to myself and whoever else, wondering why we do what we do, act how we act, why we eat the foods we eat,
why we need to fit in, act, consume so much with out giving back any.then the thought that would make battle my own self for hours.....are you ready to change?....am i ready to change my reality? alter my destiny?
theres no turning back if chose to walk this new road.
i hiked back down the trail to my campsite to see an army of people back at the camp. they knew i had shroomed that morning and were eger to toy with me.....usually i would have just laughed with them and tryed to tell them what i was experiencing. this time i looked right at them and saw these evil little faces in people....not the faces of demons,though thats what they looked like...it was the face
of ignorace. when i got home, i began to actuallize my choices.first off i no now that your body and mind are one unit and cannot be seperated.i chose to unify my spirt and body so i can achive to highest level of health while on this planet.i chose to study tai chi chuan, i stayed in my room for hours a day for 6months to learn this meditative form, and now study choy lee fut gung fu.these will help to master my mind and body.
these teach us to harmonize are being with the way of the universe. my goal in life is to pass my knowledge to other people and practise self conroll of body mind and spirt.

we are trully in a rat race in this day and age.
so chose your sides well.
you can chose to live for others.
or live for the person who makes your life possible.

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