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Me as nature wanted

well it all started when me and my friend, took 4 grams of mush each it was my first time he had done it before.

well it all started when me and my friend, took 4 grams of mush each it was my first time he had done it before. So I ate the mush and felt nothing and said to myself it will kick. me and my friend went and bought i dime bag of weed and smoked it just to make it kick faster. And it work

My friend was allready tripping and i was'ent and was just soooooooooooo happy like nothing could go wrong. So then we decided to go to a park.

When we got to the park it kicked, i saw a coulorful bean bag chair tyhrough a window. I just wanted to grap it and then i realized well i can't get the bean bag and on i went.

Then we where at the park. My friend was in deep extent with the clouds but i was'ent intrusted in those. It was all about nature i jumped into the bushes of trees and talked to them as if they where really listen about life and stuff. At this point my friend is in the middle of the field laying down and chilling.

I eventually get bored and then me and my friend started talking. I was ttellng him how bad garbage was i just wanted nature. I started telling him how pickles plants where a mistake and they where evil.

Then i just lost it i din't know anything. I felt as if god through me on earth with a wallet, lighter, shoes and a hat. I din't want my clothes so i through my shoes and took off my pants. I was about to throw my pants but i knew i would want them later. Me and my friend just sat around talking about life and problems.

Well, around now i started realizing fuck i am sooo fucked up. So i started trying to grasp hands with reality but it wun't happen. Well, now it's been 5 hours and it felt like, i don't know what time din't matter at all. I was in my own world . I had to create problems and then solve them. By now i was dowing so i had to take my friend to my house and he tells my mom goodnight it warm down here , i am happy. So then, i don't want him so i try to get him to leave so he trys to phone his mom and starts talking lik he his three. He says " Mommy, i need i ride home.
So i djust walk him home and leave him.
And just think weeks ago i had never done shrooms.
also my friend lost a watch and i lost a 20 hmz give certificate cause i giave people my wallet

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