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Frisbee and LOTR

First off this is my first time eating raw, i've eaten chocolates several times before hand.

First off this is my first time eating raw, i've eaten chocolates several times before hand.

So i got home from work and myself and a couple other good friends each ate 2-3g at about 7p. We were at my friends house when another friend (did not eat any) brought his little sister (6 yrs old) and she was asking us, "why are you guys putting eggcorns on your sandwiches. obvisouly she thought the caps were eggcorns. its funny how younger poeple think. After we ate them we walked down to the local beack, half mile walk. We started throwing a frisbee down there at about 8p. It was already dark by now and the frisbee we were using has neon green LED lights on the edges and one big one in the middle. Then we walked out on the piers and looked at the water. good lord. it was amazing, looking at the ripples from our feet dangling there and then up at the sky and in the sand still seeing ripples. we were down there until 11p (curfew) and treked back up to my friends house to watch the newest LOTR. I love watching movies while eating mushrooms. If you ever get the chance i'd recommend watching it while on shrooms. Anyhow we get there and my friends mom starts getting all mad because he hadnt called to tell her we were coming over, he rushed us into the basement while he talked to her. As we walked down into the basement shit it the fan. It was amazing. My hands looked completely wrong like they didnt belong. Everything was awesome. After the movie was over, 3a ish i decided to drive home. i was done tripping for the most part but wow. i was driving my car around looking out the windows and my car startde to turn into my moms vw beetle. not 100% but i was driving and everything started to warp. it was awesome, definetly worth the $13.
next week is phish and that should be a fun gathering.
peace out be safe.

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