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Omen Trip

I swear on the mushroom the following is true.

I swear on the mushroom the following is true.

The day started off great, grabbed alot of mush and an ounce of silver pearl buds as well as a few "flying saucers". Bought 50 No2 cartiges for 50$ candian. that's wikkid. So we're all sitting in my room smoking poppers, and we bust out our shit. I give Scott 3.5 Eric 3.5 and Tara 3.5, i eat 4 gs.
We decide we're going to trip in the quarry, for some reason we're drawn to that place while tripping.
Eric and scott come up quick, we sit on the rocks for a while, enjoying the stars in the midnight sky, crystal clear veiw of the solar system. exuisitly beautiful moment of respect for nature and this wonderful gift its given us is had by all. Me and Eric fill up a couple of balloons and use them at will. The first thing that happened after my first whippet was i felt all my chakras bursting with energy
and i was able to "open my third eye". Amazing. I can see holes in this reality into true reality. Scott is really high he's consanly picking things up and dropping them. I aked him to pack a bowl of buds and it took him about an hour. We moved down to the beach area and put down or blankets and our stereo. we played some mellow tech house and smoked a fat bowl of goldseal hash. yum yum. For an hour me and Scott just did tons of hash poppers. My trip seemed to turn chunky, everything was bulbous and poofy, and squaer with big even sufaces of colours, tectures and shades vanished, only colour remained. All the while Eric was off
by the river greedily sucking back all my nitrous (bastard!). All of a sudden he starts laughing maniacaley. So i say,"did you get the cosmik joke man?"
and he said "We're all meaningless, we're grown as an experimnt by beings far greater than us for their entertainment."
And we laughed for a while at the futility of man.
Then i saw an entity looming behind my eyelids after a whippet. I sensed i was in a three dimesional space, and right in from of me, about 15 meters in diameter, it looked like a sphincter made out of eyes. Inside its pulsating mouth was a ball of blue lightnig, qhich i knew to be a representation of purconsiousness. I realized the thing was speaking to me telepathicaly saying things like come closer, and look into me. I knew i could have gone into the void then but decided not to.
Eventually these weird drunk guys came and started jumping off the cliffs into the water and screaming. On of them was french Canadian and it was hard to understand him. We rolled a fat three pape joint with them cause we didn't have papes and all got suppremley stoned.
Soon a parkie comes along and kicks us out, so we go to my house and smoke poppers there. Tara is fianlly up.
This is when things get weird.
Eric and Tara were downstairs eating chips. Me and scott were doing poppers in my room. All of a sudden i started convulsing for a couple seconds. And there Tara burst through th door. Extremley upset. She said she was talking to Eric and he picked up my digeradoo and she freaked out for no reason. Then she started crying. She felt scared and upset but for no reason she could decifer.
Then all of a sudden Eric comes in the room with a pale look on his face. He said that when he had looked into the room through the digeradoo he saw a what seemed to be a mazatec shaman sitting in the living room smoking out of a large pipe. Then it looked at Tara and that's when she left, it then proceeded to turn towards Eric and say "Why are you hear! Who are you!" he flipped his lid and came up stairs.
After a while of chilling and all the tension seemed to have dissappeared, then Eric got up and said he was going to draw and entity he couldn't stop seeing and went to another room.
10 minits later Tara freaked out again. The next day one of my friends said he detected a bad entity in his dreams last night, we hadn't even tld him anything about it yet either.
Very interesting trip.
hope you enjoyed.

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