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Amazing Chaos

We ingested at 6:40 and smoked a fat joint of dank green between the three of us directly following that.

We ingested at 6:40 and smoked a fat joint of dank green between the
three of us directly following that. The trip kind of crept up on me
slowly-just felt really fried for about 30 minutes. At about forty
minutes into it some intense body sensations kept sweeping thru my body,

and could definitely feel the trip coming on. I went to take a piss and

when i returned a quick glance down at the floor sent two nintendo
controllers in a subtle wisping circle. We tried to record some shit,
which didn't amount to much and I decided to sit down and look at some
of the cool posters that fucked with me last time we tripped. One of
the posters soon sent the whole wall into a mass of movement-rolling and

sliding slowing up and down. From then on the visuals were off the
fuckin wall! The posters were melting up and down the wall-some reaching

out for me in a strange way-but the whole time the wall was just rolling

like a continuous wave. I decided to throw in little fluffies which was

a great idea. I sat at the window and watched a tree's branches circle

with what seemed like thousands of lights all over it. It danced like
nothing i've seen before though. At this point i realized i was in for

more than i expected. I sat back in my bed and began to drink a yellow

fruit drink when i realized ben was completely yellow and his head was a

strange deformed shape resembling something like a pear. Diz was still

mesmorized with the wall. About an hour and half into it i thought for

sure i was peaking-we were all sitting there laughing are balls off with

transport III booming in the background. Everything i looked at was
warped and moving in some way. I decided i wanted to see what the
mirror would do for me, so despite the warnings from ben and dyz i went

into the bathroom. What I saw and thought is not completely
describable, but i truly looked at myself-not really physically but i
really looked into my whole self in a way i could never accurately
explain. The mirror, besides my segmented and unbelievably defined
body, was a mass of black and purple with pixels and balls of color
flying by me. It wasn't a negative thing, and i made several other
trips back to the mirror throughout the chaotic night.
What i thought was the peak of the trip-from like an hour and
a half to 2 and 1/2 hours into it was just the beginning. What followed

was unbelievable. We completely lost ben to the shroom gods-he was just

lying on his bed with his eyes closed twitching every once and awhile.

When me or diz would shake him he'd sit up wide eyed and look around,
mumbling usually something we couldn't make out before falling back into

his pillow. The chaos escalated-my hands and fit were huge, long and
twisted. Random things looked narrow, and three hours into it
everything was still absolutely moving and melting in fucked up ways.
I'd say at this point(a little over three hours into it) I peaked. Kevin

i can't describe to you a quarter of the things that happened in the
next two hours-words would do it no justice. I was sitting on my bed
with my eyes closed and for about an hour I lost reality. I would fall

back on my pillow laughing uncontrollably, and upon closing my eyes
would enter into a world of creatures, strong light, colors, loud
noises, and other things. At certain points I would sit up and have
some sense of where i was- i would try to communicate to diz at certain

conscious points but it made no sense to me and would always end in me
melting back into my bed laughing. At one point when i sat up(after
what i think
was the longest amount of time lying back in a trip world of my own) i
saw, or think i saw, Ben throwing things across the room and diz
drooling and crawling around on the floor. This "amazing chaos"(the
best way i can describe it) lasted for about an 1 hour. After that i
regained some sort of normal thought(comparitively) and was able to walk

around, and talk again. I still had insane visuals-in the 4th hour of
the trip! At this point me and dyz tried to have a conversation about
what was going on, but couldn't really make any sense of it. We just
ended up fuckin up ourselves even more. We not only questioned reality,

but we questioned whether our state of mind would ever change-during
this part of the trip i almost went down the wrong path to somewhere i
didn't want to go. For about five seconds i truly believed i would
never return to a normal world-i thought i would live like that forever.

That was extremely disturbing and i was able to realize that i was just

trippin'and it wasn't a permanent thing. In the fifth hour of the trip

ben finally began to talk and move again. We all tried to make sense of

what was going on but still coulndn't. This is the point where i tried

to write things down, but that didn't work. Words just trailed of the
paper and made no sense-me and dyz actually ended up eating the paper i

was writing on, but we couldn't convince ben to do the same. Diz really

got into this, actually sucking and swalloing some of it. I then went
to the computer and tried to write stuff down-use saw what came of that.

The last two hours of the trip were good, and i definitely
welcomed reality when it came knocking. The trip lasted over seven
hours; towards the end if i looked at the wall i could still see it wave

slightly. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime-the majority of

it positive and fun. I would say i was in a strong level 4 trip for
much of the night, and think i slipped into level five for about an
hour. Ben was definitely in a different place then me and Diz most of
the night-he has taken geltabs and other acid on numerous occasions and

he says he has never tripped harder then that night. I asked him how it

compared and he sayed "fuckin way better." I am going to chill on
smoking for some time(definitely for months)-my brain needs some rest after that awesome experience.

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