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Amazing Trip

The first time I ate shrooms I was very skeptical.

The first time I ate shrooms I was very skeptical. I was a regular weed smoker but some of the things people told me about boomers seemed to crazy to be possible.One way I could describe the trip was that I had been confined in a small cage my entire life and then I was finally set free. My perception wasn't my personal outlook on the world anymore. My perception was the universe's outlook on itself, its outlook on eternity. I was at my friends house and we thought it would be the most fun to do them outside so we went into his woods and set up a fire pit. I don't know the exact amount we had but I assume it was alot. we ate them and nothing really happened for about an hour. I was sitting on a log and all of a sudden I felt a force throughout my entire body as if I was being firmly compressed into the ground. A lot of people say you feel this sort of thing when you have a bad trip but it was actually extremely pleasurable. I thought this was the peak but it wasn't even the beginning. I noticed the trees were inflating and deflating as if they were breathing. My friend was sitting next to a tree and all of a sudden they merged into one and became a tree that was shaped exactly like my friend and it began talking to me. It said, go on your journey now. RIght after it said these words, i can't even really describe what happened. My awareness rocketed above the top of the trees of the woods we were in and i was looking down at the woods. I was floating and I felt completely free and blissful. All of a sudden I began shooting forward at a ludicrous speed. What I saw was similar to what it looked like in star trek when the ship shoots through the stars at warp speed. I didn't see stars though, i saw the beautiful colors of the sky and sunset, red, orange, blue, all whizzing past me. I kept going faster and faster and I felt like I was in a state of Nirvana. I didn't even know if I was really up in the sky or just hallucinating. All the colors merged into white. When I came to I was on the top of a mountain and I couldn't see down the edge because there was mist. I felt like I was in heaven. I looked at the sky for a while and all of a sudden a huge face appeared and took up most of the sky. it was smiling down at me. It was the face of one of the hindu gods, krishna, his face was blue just like the sky.I was completely entranced. He said, you are a good soul. this is a small glimpse of what life can provide for you. attain this state. attain this bliss. Meditate on my form and you will enter supreme nirvana. The face disappeared and I found my eyes closed instantly and I was in a state completely detatched from my mind. I was the universe and i felt as though it all fit together in a perfect breathing bubble. This bubble was made out of pure bliss. WHen I came to it was the next morning and i was sleeping on a large rock about a half mile into the woods. My friend said that I had jumped up and sprinted off about an hour and a half after we ate them!

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