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Beach Hippyflip


Hi. Thanks for reading my report. My friend Jeremy had recently been released from the psych ward so we decided to visit him in Oxnard, which is near Ventura, a beautiful coast. We planned for a week, acquiring a large amount of E (tweetybirds), a quarter of some dankity dank bud, and me and my friend Todd got an eighth of mushies each. Well, we all piled into the car saturday about 4:00 and hit I-5, toking out of The Joker (Steve's bong) the whole way there. We got to Jeremy's house at 8:15 and kidnapped him from his house, went to my car to get sleeping bags, guitars, the drugs, blinky lights, glowsticks, water, and bongs. Then we hit the beach.

10:00 PM.
John and I are the only ones who have two E pills apiece, so we dose. These E are tweetybirds, which are the most euphoric, awesome, most visual E I have ever done, and soon as I am laying on the blanket staring at the stars I feel a wave of warmth and serenity plow over me, sending my mind into a sea of crackling stimuli. John seems to notice, for he comes over and begins one of his famous lightshows. The two sticks become the only thing I see as they whirl and seem to speak little messages of happiness to me. After a while I begin to get antsy so I get up, and put a vapo rub mask over my mouth, and suggest to John that we walk.

Both waving glowsticks, we walk over the sand (it seems much easier to walk on, now) and run up and down dunes, doing lightshows from 50 feet away and talking a mile a minute, discussing friendship, society, our dreams, our feelings, everything that easily pours out when your under the influence of serious meth. I begin to look more closely at the grass and weeds that cover some of the raised dunes on the beach, noticing that they are in fact dinosaur skeletons. I'm not scared, but amused that no one has noticed that dinosaur skeletons have been lying on the beach for thousands of years without anyone noticing.

We walk closer and closer to the water when John halts and puts a hand on my arm, whispering, "Stop. Listen."
"What is it?" I ask.
"Listen...can you hear that?"
I stop and concentrate on the immense stillness of the beach. In the silence between the crashing waves I can hear a sharp sound....the beating of a drum.
"A drum!" I exlaim.
"Yeah, but where?"
"Let's walk and see."

So we did. After a few hundred feet the drumming becomes apparent and chanting is heard as well. We come over a dune and happen upon a circle of black cloaked people, chanting unrecognizable song along with the steady beat of a drum. John and I exchange bewildered and slightly fearful glances. Is this some sort of friendly gathering, or a satanic mass? Thoughts race in my head. We watch for a while, but the group shows no sign of noticing us, and nobody comes toward us with a ceremonial knife, so we walk back to camp.

We return to camp to find that Todd and Steve have dropped their pills and are enthusiastically smoking out of The Joker and Ghost (my bubbler). There are shouted words, enthusiastic welcomes, hugs given and words of thanks and compliment exchanged as we settle down with some of the herb, and break out the guitars. I begin lightly strumming the chords of Tom Petty's "Free Falling" and soon everyone is hollering the chorus into the night as I look into the sky and see the stars moving back and forth, forming unknown constellations then breaking apart and moving across the sky to form something else, I realize they are playing for me. We play a few more songs, an original tune called "Hollow Eyes" that gets everyone moving, our fingers moving with divine intervention on the strings and smiles everywhere, exchanging knowing glances, our eyes confirming yes, we are in the garden of eden and now is the only thing that matters.

Sometime later I break out my shrooms and eat a couple caps, giving some to steve, todd, john, and jason. Jeremy has since passed out after toking some bud, whatever they have him drugged up on makes him sleepy, and I guess the bud contributes.

Me and John drop the second tab of X. The meth and shrooms swirl in my brain, creating tendrils of smoke in my brain that stimulate my mind, giving me a completely clear head. We decide to go to the car to listen to some tunes. So we walk two blocks to jeremy's house and drive it to the entrance to the beach, which is in between two houses, near a stucco wall. God bless stucco!!

We went through NIN, White Zombie, Sabbath, Stabbing Westward, Bad Religion, Perfect Circle, Tool...it all sounded gorgeous, an orgasm in my mind. Light shows reflect on the roof of the car and everyone is laughing and talking when not tranced out on the music. John is making me laugh a lot because he has this thing with stucco. He was in the passenger seat reading a book or something and talking when he casually glances to the right (where his window is) to the stucco, then back to his book, then suddenly, he violently rips his body to the right and stares at the stucco. After a second he told me he was talking and looked to the right and saw a nice little house with grass in front and children were in front waving but then he realized THAT WAS STUCCO. The same thing happened later that night when I was tranced out and felt the car shudder. I opened my eyes and looked to the right to see John hanging halfway out the window, whipping his head from side to side. After a second he came back in and said a large something with a tail had just ran by about a hundred miles an hour.

We alternated between car and beach. Both were fun. In the car my eyes would be closed and I would suddenly snap them open, thinking I was driving. Another fun thing happened. I have had this saturn for 2 years and never knew it had an alarm. We had been using the car battery to listen to my CD player for about 5 hours and suddenly the battery tweaked, setting the car alarm off at 4 AM. As Todd and Steve ran off laughing and gibbering into the night I frantically wrestled with unfamiliar buttons and keys and dials until it stopped...only to happen again.

When we all finally returned about 6 AM to the car for final tranced out, comedown, lazy, quiet trip atmosphere I heard strange sounds and looked back to see Todd's red, tear streaked face.
"Todd, why are you crying?" I asked.
"Fuck, I dunno man...my eyes got all dry then they started tearing, then I started bawling." He replied.
I began laughing and so did he, which made me laugh even harder, since he was kind of sobbing and laughing at the same time, which made a sort of "hoo hoo ee hoo" laugh/cry sound. This amused me greatly. We finally sobered up around 7:30 AM, bought donuts and walked back to Jeremy's since my car battery had died (don't worry it magically started later about 2 pm). We slept til 12 then went swimming in the ocean then went home, toking the rest of the ganja on the way back.

Hope you liked my report, I didn't really describe the moments when I left my body or saw aliens or anything because I find that uninteresting in trip reports. Strange occasions to me are much more interesting. I reccomend to whoever reads this to try a nice little hippyflip on the beach because it is the most beautiful, calmest, serene place and it feels great. Close friends and ganja are a must. I'd appreciate comments, questions, or anybody who wants to talk about ganja shrooms acid society morality or just chat...email me at Jaymz802@aol.com. Thanks. Peace

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