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Secret to Life

I was a junior in high school.

I was a junior in high school. It was the FIRST time I ever tripped on real shrooms. My friends and I had been on our quest to find the real ones for a long time and we had often eaten extensive(30+) amounts of the regular copper tops and ended up with nothing but tummy aches. They(the right ones) grew abundantly in our area, it was just about finding the right field with the right cows. On this magical day my friends and I were driving down another dirt road searching for another pasture when we spotted one we hadnt searched before. We parked, Got out with our large black trashbags( as usual) and came up to the fence.
Ammazement described the shroom filled pasture to us. Hundreds of mature (big muther fuckers) purple and gold shrooms filled our vision.
We left that pasture high on adrenaline with A garbage bag full of big fucking shrooms each.
And we began to eat- and eat- and eat some more-- And i dont know what it was about me that told me to keep eating ( the fact that I had eaten so many of the wrong ones before kinda made me imune to the taste)- anyway, when my friends had stopped at around 10 caps each I continued to eat ( finished mine- and were offered the abundant remains of the others to my disposal) 2 of my friends were dropped off to their own journey and I went home with one where I literally shoved the very last of them down my throat with a water hose. ( Dosage: I dont know man- I ate a lot of fuckin shrooms that day- a whole fuckin lot) my friend was semi high on his own shit and At first I could feel him watching me in amazement as I stumbled (already being overcome) to the center of his yard in the middle of our town, and there I sat. Words cannot describe what happened in the transition and to me is still a blur, But- from behing my closed eyes or open? I was transported to another dimension- a breathtakinly beautiful world (as real as this one) except that they (the children????? voices??? souls??? ancestors??) who knows, were all around me- I was fucking freaked- they were all around me in this place- streching out their hands- passing in and out of me ( my soul) REASSURING ME - "Its allright," "your o.k." "were all here" "don't be afraid" "You don't have much time!" "come play with us" "Learn" "Hurry!" " we have much to teach you" "Your In" "your in" (in what- who- where- OH MY GOD!!!- Man I was freaking out- they could jump in and out of me and read my soul) "Your in on the secret!" what secret i thought-and they heard "why the secret to LIFE, of course" "Mushrooms are the secret to life" "MUSHROOMS are the SECRET TO LIFE!" Laughing and playing- giggling " your in" don't be afraid" "come play" " hurry" "ask us questions" "were all here" "come play with us" "Mushrooms are the secret to life"
But I couldn't I was way too ????(no words can descride the vulnerability I felt) to get up in this beautiful place. so there I sat. Dead to the world. too stunned to move or talk and very very afraid. And I sat and i listened to them laugh and play and talk and go inside me and feel me and feel them- and then i began to see the world start to change again- "Don't go!" "Stay" "It's not very often" "No indeed" " don't go" "come play" "your in" Mushrooms are the secret to life" "were all here" "please stay" "we have much to teach" "please stay!"
But when they saw I could not help my situation of returning to reality. They bid me farewell
Laughing and playing and running around" ByE!" "bye Bye" they all exclaimed" "Please come back!" Laughing and playing
"Dont forget- Mushrooms are the secret to life" "don't forget" "your in" "your in" "were all here" "Bye, Bye-bye"
The voices and sights faded And the world slowly dissappeared and I was back in the middle of the yard watching my friend as if he had seen the whole thing Except he really didn't. (only me talking to the people who were not really there- afrid to let them too close- let me chill- let me be- who are you- where am I??

I have tripped many times since then and all have been extremely bazzar with higher than usual dosages ( we eat a lot of shrooms). My advice Just let it take over- High dosages are the way to go man!
Be careful though- Dont RESIST the sacrament your soul has recieved! Don't be afraid. Let your weak bodies go.

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