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Greypoe's level 5

Im not going to mention any real names for the safety of my friends.

Im not going to mention any real names for the safety of my friends...
It was a friday afternoon, I was going out to party with friends. I had 3 sweet tarts with a big drop of freebased acid on each. My friend Felix and his girl Sarah had 1 hit for the both of them. (1 hit= 1 level 2 trip in this case.) I took the 3 hits while we were on our way to get some gas. 5 miles later we arrived at the local market, Felix and Sarah took their hits. Now we were on our way to town to round up our friends.

On Fridays everyone who is interested in being social ends up in town, and most of the partys in the area.

We get into town and find no one is there yet, I started feeling my peak a few minutes before we got to town. Felix must have started too because all of a sudden we were in
the parking lot doing dougnuts. We were all feeling our peaks , so we headed over to our good friend Holly's.

Holly has a nice room in the attic that is just trippy,
the whole room looks like a box, and she has posters, blacklights, and even one of those dream catchers. We smoked some very good bud with Holly and her
We then agreed that Holly would drive us to the party. The second sweet tart kicked in as I was walking down the steps, I had to weave my way through all the toys
and stuff on the floor I felt I was lost, or in a "jungle of the house" as I had put it. I was starting to feel a tingly feeling going through my body, it didnt feel right, but it didn't bother me too much. My good friend Sean was with us, he was planning on getting
really drunk tonight (which is what I would do if I hadnt been tripping).

I started to notice that everything that everyone was saying seemed like there was some
type of system to it, like a pattern or somthing. We were twisting and curving up and down
the bumpy gravel roads, making our way to town.

By now it was dark, not that many people were in town. Most of the people had already left to go to the party at the lake. A group of people with really big ego's don't were there. They pretend to be my friend but they are afraid of me or somthing, I hadnt known this until tonight. I heard them talking about me: "That dumbass" "Hes tripping?"
"Im going to go fuck with him" "No, he will fight your ass."
Then some of them started talking to me, I wasnt really paying much attention to them.I was paying more attention to all the sober people, and how they looked so plain
compaired to the tripping 3. We all were getting bored in town so we said "fuck it, lets
go to the party."
We had a very fun van ride there, all the twists, turns,curves, and hills made it feel
like a rollercoster. The whole ride there I was explaining the pattern or the "system" (as I called it) to my friends, they seemed to know what I was talking about.
Sean seemed to know too, it was weird. Sean was sober except for some bud he had smoked with us earlier, but still he seemed to be tripping with us. I mentioned the system and everyone agreed. I was seeing the system through the whole trip, but for now I was ignoring it, and enjoying it. We arrived at the party, the van came to a halt , and we all agreed we needed to get out of the van. I was the first out, I felt full of energy.

50 feet in front of us was a beautiful lake glittering in the moonlight. Felix and Sarah asked me to join them on there adventure. I hesitated, Holly took my hand and said
c'mon just dont wiggle around and you wont fall off. I inched my way onto the dock
(which I had thought it was a ferry that was going to take us to the keg party.) I was afraid of falling off so I went back on land. Felix was saying somthing to me when
all of a sudden a hudge bonfire started near the house. I was sweating badly, and I kept having cold chills so I said "lets go check out that fire!" So Me Sarah and Felix
started to head to the house. On our way we had to cross a cable wire (which I had thought was a electric fence) I wasnt shure if I was being electricuted or not so I stopped.
Holly said "come on its just a wire, it cant hurt you much, come on just step over it."
she was rushing me, so I thought I must have been on an electric fence I felt the pain
go through my body, bounced to the other side. Holly was laughing at me, I wasnt shure
what she was laughing at. I caught up with Felix and G they were mumbling about somthing, I couldnt understand it because all I could here was the system. Then they
said "Are you seeing what we see?" and I said "huh?" "Look up" I stared up at the stars, they shinned and glittered, and they seemed to take some alien pattern all
togeather, the space between all the stars was changing colors really fast. I stared
in awe at this sight, almost walking into the fire.

I saw a sober friend by the fire, who stuck out like a sore thumb in this happy bunch of people. I started talking to him, and he said he didnt understand a word I said.
I heard a bunch of comotion inside the house, so I went to see what it was.
There were 2 hudge snakes inside. Snakes are the funniest things to play with when your tripping, they are the perfect tool for flirting with the ladies, they always seem
to like to go down girl's shirts.
I went outside to mingle with everyone.
The whole town had arrived to the party it seemed
Everyone was "high" off somthing Even those people who were talking shit about me,now there pupils were as big as mine :P . Everyone was getting along . Now the system was too loud to ignore. All I could hear was the system, one person would say one thing, and it would react, and
produce someone else to say somthing. It was like 2 people were communicating but speaking completly different languages. Out of the whole crowd you can hear different
conversations which arent conversations. Have you ever listened to how the sounds
of the day flow togeather systematically no matter where you are, eg: You are in the city You hear the birds chirp, the cars run, the music blast, and all the sounds join togeather and make a song. That is what the system sounded like. I remember being a part of the system for awhile, then getting bored of it.

Everyone seemed interested in the keg party a few miles away. I said what the hell, Ive got one hour before im due back in town (where my sober driver awaits
to take me home). Im feeling tired, but tripping hardcore. I look at Felix who is in the van staring at his hand.
It looked like he was about to go into a bad trip so I tried to reverse it by hovering around the windows creating a scene to take his mind off it.

We all hopped into the van and started for the next party. My mind was covering up the world so bad I couldnt see straight. I forgot I was in a van, and I thought I was in a
game. Running down different roads, not knowing where we were heading. My mind was processing things in abstract only now.

I felt one of those big shivers comming
on, it was a cold one. I couldnt get the thought out of my head that we were getting nowhere. Everything we do is meaningless. I was seeing the system as it was, and
It was all feeling like a dream, I was rambling all my thoughts. I couldnt think to myself Everything I thought just popped right out of my mouth. Nothing seemed real anymore.
I had once suspected this when I was sober, but I had my doubts. Now I was so shure that my mind just clicked, it was like that scene in the matrix when he stopped the bullets my mind was crystal clear. I said "Stop" and felt the whole world slow down, the van came to a halt, nothing moved, time resumed.
The the truck behind us stopped by us, everyone looked at me and said "where we going?" "Were lost" Since these had been my thoughts (abstractly) I thought
this was my brains doing. I thought because I cannot think of the party ,we cant go there.
I wanted to see what was on the other side of the system so I said "Take me home."
Then everyone started talking about dont ruin this for everyone else (I thought they were
talking about the world, They were tring to keep my mind off the other side or somthing )
So I started screaming at the top of my lungs to WAKE UP!
Everyone was getting on my case about me screaming, I told them "this is not real!"
and they started telling me about how suicidal thoughts are bad.... then Sean said somthing about
"Its all we have left." Then they asked me "Where do you live" and I thought it was
a test. If I could remember what is on the other side, I would wake up. I couldnt
remember so I started babbling about how I always forget things.

The rest of the evening has been comming back to me in flashbacks sort of..... I had
to piece togeather parts of the night, because I cant remember what happend in real life,
all I can remember is what happend in my mind, and I had the bruises to tell the story.

I paniced, I opened the van door and jumped out ( not knowing, or caring, that the van
had not stopped. )
I must have been knocked out because it was at that time I had an out of body
experience. I jumped out of my body and flew across fields, and woodland. And
then dropped onto the gravel road, in the pitch darkness.
I had died
I didnt know where I was
Some other dimention?
It must be hell
I felt I was being punished, but I couldnt remember why.
Not remembering what I ask myself but I couldnt remember.
I started saying "Im sorry God." and repenting.
I was damned to walk the roads for the rest of eternity,
It wasHell
I started singing as I walked down the road, choosing each fork without a thought.
I felt creatures pulling at my karma, stealing it away from me. All my gifts from doing
good in the world, getting snatched away within seconds. I felt like I was in a prison.
I thought I should "spend" my karma before it could all be stolen.
I looked to the side of the road, there was a fence with about 10 dogs caged within,
they all started barking madly at me, I ran down the road full speed.
The words of Eternity floated through my head
I wondered why my hell was full of roads, and woodland, I didnt like this eternity
I asked God for some
In the distance I saw a light comming nearer, a few lights.
A sound of a loud motor, a 4 wheeler. The 4 wheeler of doom..
I didnt want to find out what kind of demon was on it so I hid in the ditch.
A man got off and approached me.
I ignored him thinking he was just there to torment me.
I heard him mention somthing about crack, and calling me a crackhead (which I proudly
do not do)
I begged him for a drink, because I could feel the flame, and eternal thirst burning at me.
He said "I can't" (he thought I ment the beer in his Ice cold cooler)
I knew he would say that, but it was worth a try.
I walked away from him
"hey where do you think your going?"
I kept going..... .........
talking to myself as I walked, The old world wasnt really that bad, compared to this place...
I started understanding the purpose of our world (an Even longer story!)

I was being restrained....
The 3 guys had me on the ground so I couldnt move, I didnt know why, but I felt that
I was falling down within the ranks of somthing important, so I jumped up with all the energy
I had and fought my way back up within the ranks. which looked like they were eternally depressed> I had made my way back up and was
facing the main dude, the final challange. I hit the man square in the lip, and busted it
to a pulp...................
I dont remember anything past this until.....
I was in a room of some sort, I dont remember how I got there, but I felt like I had arrived
somewhere. In a different dimention. I felt the last dimention, the "Hell" I was in was a stage.
My mind was much clearer. I felt I had passed the first test, and now it is time for the
second. I knew my soul was evolving since I had died, and there would be some stages
I wouldnt want to go through, but I will have to in the end......

I was wearing handcuffs, and was locked in a white room (but the walls seemed green,
like in the movie the matrix.) I saw everything with crystal clarity like never before
(in the real world where I always looked past the world) I looked around in the room
I was in, I felt like I was there before, I just couldnt remember.... (I had been there before)

I felt I needed to pass the next test to proceed. I had to figure out what it is. I heard
and saw people outside the room, I felt as if they were watching me. I went to check the
door, it was locked. I tried to get the cuffs off. I thought "hmm the keys must be here
somewhere" I looked in my pocket, I saw that my zipper was down, no, it was broke!

I got up and walked over to the mirror, I saw my reflection.... a very familiar face.
I didnt pay much attention to the dirt all over my face, and the brusies and scrapes
all over me.
I had thought I was decaying,
I looked at all my features on my face. My eytes seemed to have the whole world within them
I felt I really need to get to know this person more.
I started to sing a corney tune... "all you need is love".
The door opened. A man escorted me out, and into a car. When I entered the car
I felt like I was being transformed, my mind felt clearer, my brain seemed to think faster,
and even the air tasted better. I was feeling at peace. I had thought a major change was
about to happen to my soul. I felt I was about to evolve.
The man got into the car and we drove off. In the sky was a very scenic storm had formed
with red lighning, I thought I was on Jupiter.
We arrived at the hospital where my Dad was waiting in the parking lot. I thought
Is he God? I looked into his eyes and saw the world, It must have been......
Later on I started sobering up, realizing that I was all beat up, bruised , scraped, and
I couldnt remember what happend to me. I had my family asking me who beat me up,
when I couldnt remember how I got out of the van, or how I got into the police station.

This was a very wierd experience for me. Will I do it again?
Shure, just not acid :P
Just a tip , when you trip
stay in a place where you feel safe, Like home
rent a few movies, listen to music
and have a friend along.
That was my trip

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