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Friends ranch

We went down to Austin to see String Cheese in concert.

We went down to Austin to see String Cheese in concert. We were meeting a friend inside who had our shrooms. We all dosed about 2 grams I'd say. There were 8 of us S, T, J, B, C, W, H and me.

Great concert. I've never been so into any music, the trees behind the stage had swirling lights on them making shadows that seemed alive. Rollover was the most intense song I've ever heard.

Leaving concert. Somehow lost my shirt on the walk to the car. Me H and S go in one car the others go in their car. We head to Whataburger to munch and smoke bowls. We order and pull around. Standing next to the window is a HUGE PINK BUNNY. We all start laughing hysterically and then as the lady hands out the drinks to the car waiting the bunny runs up, grabs the drinks runs out in front of the car spikes the drinks does a dance and runs away. S is curled up in a ball in shotgun crying hes laughing so hard, the guy in the car in front of us turns around and says "man, that was fuckin weird" we tell him he has no idea...

T calls and says they are going to a party. We say we'll see them later and head out to H's ranch to herd some donkeys we saw earlier.

We get out to the ranch. FUN! We grabbed a bronco that his parents have as a work car for the ranch hand and we go flying around the hills in it. Tejano blaring, chainsaw and other work equipment in the back seat, the faster we went the funnier it got (luckily H knew this land well cause we were flying). We get out. Great stars. The night was then named "A Night With the Stars". There was a full moon out which would serve well in the near future as we were running around at full speed through trees, down hills and all over the place in treacherous terrain, the moon lit up the place so well it seemed like it was almost day. We get a call from the others saying they are coming out, so we go up to the gate and sit on the bronco smokin bowls waitin. Get bored, go play with tractors at the barn.

From here on everything is out on the ranch:
The others pull up. We come running out and welcome them. We all pile back in the bronco, this time with beers, and go on the journey again....dont like the new larger group of people as much, but still fun. B had to sit birddog with the chainsaw. Really funny. Get tired of driving, get out and run around. J gets dubbed 'lil guy' and has to carry around a stick as compensation for not being a guy (she's Ts girl and hot as hell).

H and I sit near the Bronco as the others begin wandering into the woods, we sneak off and smoke bowls and sit on the road on a hill looking at the stars, very peaceful. We go back as S is running toward us with the others in hot pursuit. We run down the road a ways then cut off and find a hill with only a few trees, we hide as they try to find us to smoke. They get close, S sends out a loud "CACAW!" they get closer. "We need to move nine clicks south of here!" Turn and run full speed down the hill...ran right into a tree stump, did a 360, land it and keep goin, S sees me hit the stump and falls over laughing. We lose em and sneak back around and snipe em out from the woods. The fools never saw it comin.

We come out and all laugh then me and H go down to his house to get some whiskey to keep the party goin. He goes in and talks to his dad and gets the whiskey (a couple of us are 21). We go back out and everyone comes running out of the woods and surrounds the bronco. We start takin straight pulls of whiskey and I start walkin with it. Now whoever has the whiskey becomes the leader. We stop on a nice hill and pass it around a few times. We want to keep movin, but the 'Hill People' who have hooves and were cross bred with mountain goats refuse to go. I sneak the whiskey away and keep the party movin. The hill people recover the whiskey a lil ways down the road and return to the hill. It was a fierce battle but I defeated them as I sneaked the whiskey away yet another time. H has it now. We are following a dry creek bed when he decides to turn off into the evil trees of death. The branches are dense and scraping all over us...Grass ahead....We enter into a huge field surrounded on 3 sides by trees. It feels like an ocean as we leave the evil trees of death behind in joy and run through the waist high grass. We get to the middle and stop. Want to smoke a bowl. No bowls, they'd all been lost at various points. We finish the whiskey and W finishes his coke. H uses lil guy's stick to poke holes in the coke can. We have one nug and W drops it! I tell them not to worry, but someone click a lighter. I find it after a second (I dont know how the hell I pulled that off) and everyone is amazed and we get to smoke a bowl out of the coke can. Done with the field. I go running the way i thought seemed best, I hear S behind me laughing and running following me, B followed but he was getting on my nerves so S and I ran him into the ground and kept goin.

End up at the road. Find our way to the barn and heavy machinery H has a big tractor that is like a bulldozer. S, T and me jump on the front and H lifts us way up in the air, we then start flying around on the roads at his ranch, he'd keep us up high and fly us at trees, then drop us below them right at the last second. Very intense and a LOT of fun. B and W were off playing with a chainsaw about a mile off and when we got back they were there saying they could here us from all the way off where they were.

We all went back to H's house after that, showered (man was i dirty) and went to bed exhausted. By far the most fun night of my life, it loses a lot in the telling, (a lot of little side episodes) but I think this conveys most of it. Great trip.

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