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oh dear lord

this was the craziest night of my life.

this was the craziest night of my life. we went to my friends house to get some bud but instead he had some shrooms....so we decided to buy them.....they didnt kick in until about an hour later but when they did let me tell you...i was feelin fuckin good. So we had nothin better to do so we went a tp a house... all of the sudden the tree turned into a weird looking bat. It attacked us so we dropped the tp and ran our asses off. WE were finally away from the bat when we saw one of our friends. he had some bud so we smoked alittle...this just made me feel even better thatn before...we hopped in my car an went back to my house and decided to go swimming. NEVER go swimming while tripping on shrooms. We dived in and like a shark attacked me and it felt like something was actually pulling me under the water. When i got out of the pool my friend said i was completly pale. so we ran away from my pool and saw some like fuckin gorillas. We ran towards them and starting talking about drugs and shit. They were the funniest fuckin gorillas i will ever talk to. They said that they were sent there by some other leader gorilla. so they leader scared us so we ran. and climbed on to my roof and starting screaming..it wasn't real. i could see the sun rising and it was only 1:30 in the morning. and the next thing i know im flying. and like a minute later i hit the ground.it hurt so much and i heard my sister and all of here friends laughing so i looked at them and then just got up and went over the my lemone tree and started eating the leaves of the tree. They started tasting like blood and i looked at the tree and it was bleeding. the tree was actually bleeding. SO i ran again away from that tree and somehow ended up in a big pile of dirt and when my friends found me i was eating dirt and some weird blyue stuff was all over my shirt and face. I didnt know what the blu stuf was.. It was really scary but i was finnally coming down. I only have one thing to say about my adventure......Be carful what you do and do fall of off your roof cause it hurts ALOT.

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