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Me and the Gods

OK it was friday night and me and my friends decided to get some shrooms .

OK it was friday night and me and my friends decided to get some shrooms ....so we called up our dealer and got about 25 grams when they arrived we split them up between the 3 of us ....but i got more. i ate about 10 grams(p. cubensis mexican) that night and ill never forget it. i took em around 7:00 and by 7:30 me and my friends were feeling pretty good...i usually have stoumach problems cus im just a 16 year old skinny white boy from cali but i seemed not to have any this time around but the worst... or best was yet to come.

At about 7:45 i could see these changes in color around me like i was in some fucked up music video and i looked at my friends and they were just laughing and saying some pretty weird shit and when i looked at them they seemed to swirl around and just have no stableness to themselves at all ..as a matter of fact nothing seemed to have any stableness anywhere so i decided to get some breathing space and we all went outside...this is where the fun begins

As we walked outside in the stale air of southern
california it seemed to be very cool outside and i could see things that i knew were just my imagination like their was his little army of what seemed to me like monkeys but i couldnt tell and they were jumping in the trees and yelling but i couldnt hear what they said and i walked aournd his house and saw some even weirder but greater stuff...i saw a group of men who were tall and lean and they were talking about very intelligent stuff ..so i decided to sit and enlighten myself. they told me that i was a great person and that i shouldnt let any one tell me what to do and they talked about what was wtong with the world and how they could let it happen and then i realised that these were not ordinary guys they were gods!

I knew i was tripping pretty hard so i called my friends over to talk with these great men but they ere no where to be found so i said screw em and talked with the gods i found out that they were no other than the creators of our civialization because they were not proud to see what has become of our land i didnt know if it was god or not cus i dont believe in him but these were to be my gaurdian angels in a way.I didnt know what time it was but it was pretty dark and a turned away fo a second and they were gone...the only chance i had to talk to gods and theywere gon. i wasnt very happy about this so i decided to find y friends but i didnt know where i was or who i was and i seemed lost and confused i saw another person and she seemed very beatiful and she said to me "Are you max?" and i said yes and she said that she had something for me ...whao man ...i felt adventurous so i followed her and she brought me to a building with gold all over it and blue on the inside and she said "this is your new home" and i walked in and the door closed behind me ...their were poeple everywhere and i was becoming a little scared so i asked where i was to one of the men and he said "your home now" i looked up and the cieling had a painting of bright clouds and a blue sky brighter than the sun ..it must have been a painting because it was dark outside ..or was it? the clouds seemed so real and then i saw the lady from before she started to take off my cloths and she put an white cloth around me ..i was very excited by this and said thank you and she kissed me. i thought to myself, what the hell is going on here? all of a sudden i could see my friends on what seemed to be grass and they were laughing hysterically at me i looked at my body and i had no cloths on but i had a plastic bag around my body and i was talking to people in the street.I then felt very sad because it was all the shrooms i had taken and not real but i knew it wasnt. my friends thought this was a great show that i had performed for them but i tried to tell em it was so real.From then on i was known as "god boy".even thought i dont belive in him.
so never take 10 grams unless your prepared to do some stupid shit and shroom on.

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