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Glow Stick Big Bang

This is the first time I have ever tried to really describe what happened so please bare with me if you can.

This is the first time I have ever tried to really describe what happened so please bare with me if you can. It all started out as a camping trip between me and a couple of friends. Well when we got there it started getting dark most of us took about 2-3 grams of shrooms, of fine quality, while me and another friend also took half a roll with our booms...Now to get to the good stuff-When our mind trips kicked in an hour or so later we secretly snuck into an illinois national park and we found a suspension bridge...and as I stood in the middle of the suspension bridge looking down at the dark blue river below us I was overwhelmed by feelings of total awe at the grandious beauty of this world and as I looked up into the full moon above me and the sky filled with stars I was filled with total love and happiness with the thought of how beautifull it will be when one day I will pass away and leave this "vessal" and forever go to a level yet barely nicked at the moment. As I walked through rock carved steps away from the suspension bridge I realized that nothing really mattered. That thought was an obstruction, a wall that blocked out memories of being before times of occupying this vessal and as I realized this I also realized that I will go back to thinking and pondering and torchering my self with thoughts when I return to my original plane of thought..yet I was still happy because I realized that "being of love" that we all are- we can only forget what we really are and expierance this reality as children stumbling around with awe, doubts, hopes, dreams, and loves. As I returned to the campground I sat near a gorge and watched as the trees in front of me danced with the wind for my pleasure and became aware that we are all one organic being-just extending itself across new expeirances and places...and as I was enjoying this my insane friend who was sober came by and cut the tips of glow sticks off in front of me....and what happened next I suggest every shroomer expierance...it was sensory overload to the extreme...my friend began to flail his arms wildly and the luminescent liquid began to fly around me and my little world like a new universe exploding in its' big bang.. my head was filling with pressure unimagined and I was nearly drooling in awe as thousands of goblets of light flew around and around all over and when it was over all I could say was.....uughhh uwhhh ...wow.

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