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Harmonic Convergence

I have had many experiences with the sacred shroom starting on my first trip during the Harmonic Convergence in 87.

I have had many experiences with the sacred shroom starting on my first trip during the Harmonic Convergence in 87. I didn't plan it that way nor was I aware of the celestial event or it's cosmic meaning until years later when I sort of flashbacked to the occasion when having the incident described to me by a coherent witness. After listening to the person describe the details of the occasion I began to piece together fragments of what could be considered a level 5 experience that was so extreme that it is still mostly buried deep in my subconsciousness.

I recalled eating quite a large amount of dried cubensis with a few friends early in an afternoon and skating a small launch ramp we built in the street in front of my friend's house. If I had to guess on how much I ate, I would have to say enough to not remember the whole experience for a couple of years!

I remember the sky turning very purple in the late afternoon and watching great spans of lightning tentacles reach out across the sky as far as my eyes could perceive. Not long after that I communicated with what were obviously very intelligent "alien" beings from who knows where and appeared to be descending into the neighborhood at an alarming rate and individually advancing directly into my field of awareness as I curiously gave them my attention.

At the same time an acquaintance had pulled up and was watching me enjoy the whole show and was saying aloud, "you're really tripping!"

Shortly after that I was playing a game outside where I could swivel myself down into a Lotus-type meditation posture, put my hands together and suddenly generate enough "energy" to instantly teletransport myself across the street at will. At some point a good friend called out to me from the other side of the street and I instantly appeared next to him and even to this day, he still claims to others that on that night he saw me move faster than anything could possibly move when I crossed that street.

Once people parted from the event, I wanted to find my brother who was somewhere in this new-to-me city at some guy's house whom I had never met and was unaware of where he lived. I managed to somehow get a ride with a girl who had a baby with here in a small truck and as I was trying to find my brother I looked down at the baby who was telling me very plainly that he did not want the seat belt strapped over him as it appeared to be extra large across the little baby's body, I began to answer back to him and attempted to unbuckle him no sooner than I began, the girl slammed the truck to a stop and cursed me out of it! She was obviously freaked out by me talking to the baby!

Believe it or not, I somehow located my brother's whereabouts across town in a well to do neighborhood where I joined them outside. As I sat in the yard I watched a group of people hovered over a circle on the ground like primitive beings who kept making getures with their hands and repeating out loud, "Moto transit! Pelta Fleebee! Moto transit!" and so on. I was able to understand that they meant ground travel by Moto-transit and air travel by "Pelta Fleebee". As I turned to look back, I saw my brother's image walking up the stairs into the house that looked more like abstract frames of him cycling up the steps over and over again as if time ceased to exist or we were caught in some kind of time loop. Good ol' tracers!!

It's a good time to mention that over 5 years later I asked one of the "primitive beings" from that night if he remembered saying the pelta fleebee stuff and he absolutely did not admit it ever happened!

After being there for a while, I ended up with some friend's at a hotel and we were all very far out there to say the least! We listened to Peter Tosh and watched the sound vibrations from the radio turn into birds flying by at the mention of the "birds passing by" by Peter Tosh's voice as they came out of the radio. I opened a Jacque Eustau book of sharks and one literally swam off the page and into the room at which point the stereo was playing as if under water.

I left the hotel room because a friend sitting in the back of the room caused another friend to change the tape to Danzig without using any words or friendly gesture of any sort... He provoked him more by command or by controlled mental force etc... I didn't care to listen to Danzig on that particular occasion and it seemed to dramatically alter the scene or the vibe from free-flying birds to bloody violence pretty damn quick, so needless to say I was ready for a change of scene.

What happened next still tweaks me to this day. As I walked outside into the parking lot, I felt major energy pulling on me from behind, stopping me in my tracks causing me to turn back to look, and when I did I was pretty tripped out to see all of the hotel balconies (5 floors or so)were filled to the brim with people that were dissing the hell out of me! But apparently for good reason. Each person that was involved was someone whom, at some time or another in my life, I had wronged in same way or another. Some directly, and some indirectly! They all wanted revenge! I felt like I was being shown my own judgemwnt or something and I could not escape it. I was sickly suprised at how many people I had hurt or upset in someway... it changed me.

When I was able to turn back around and continue my path away from the hotel I looked and saw the very walls of surrounding building turn into sloping pyramid steps and the road in front turned into a sandstone courtyard at the end of which sat a gleaming statue of an eagle type creature made of pure golden light (or at least gold!). I wasn't in that particular town any more! I was some place else.

Of course the next day I realized that the golden statue was no other than the ol' michelon (tire) man illuminating brightly out of the window of a gas station with a tire over his shoulder!

Back at the hotel, still tripping, someone had the idea to drive to the top of a mountain that overlooked the city and valley and so we convoyed to that location somehow. What I remember most about that venture was climbing the mountain and feeling like we were driving through the stone mountain that had been cut away for the road we were travelling on. It was as if the rock was still there and we were driving through it! As I looked over to the driver next to me, he was lit up red by the dash board and was laughing with an evil grin while jamming out to Metallica's Ride the Lighting.

Once atop the mountain, things began to plane out and I began to get more control over my reality. I was able to see people as individual humans standing on the ground again! I reached down and I picked up a rock. It was volcanic feeling in nature, very light feeling. As I continued to hold it I noticed that it was reacting like a magnetic object between the polarities of my hands and I began to juggle it around from hand to hand studying it's movement and the connection between myself and the rock. I was soon able to make the rock stick to my hand even when I turned my hand over and it should have fell to the ground. I began to cause the rock to levitate between my hands as I pushed the rock away from one hand out away from my body and then pulling it back with my other hand towards my body and again out with one hand, in with the other. By doing this, I was able to cycle the rock back and forth to a distance sufficient enough to cause the rock to collide with a sign setting more than 12 feet away from me. All this without touching the rock "physically".

Next, I walked up to the cliff's edge and looked down over the valley and as I did, my hands began to rise up the sides of my body. I would put them back down to my sides, but again they would rise up. When I tried to resist, my body became lighter and I began to levitate off the ground and lose grip with the gound. When I looked to see what was causing this, I noticed that the energy coming out of my hands was deflecting off the surface of the earth and causing them to rise up. When I resisted, it was like the space between my hands and the earth were actually "no space" I mean it felt more solid than any other material thing around me. I was able to push my body off balance into a foward lunge several feet at a time by just moving my hands by my side. I truly thought I could fly off that cliff that night! Good thing I didn't try!

I had tremendous experiences that night, most of which I can hardly remember. I have had many more enjoyable experiences since that first event and some even more bizzare than these I am writing about now. I will share some more experiences if I see that people are interested by this one.

To the new experiencers...What can I say? If you haven't tied it yet... go for it! If anything, you will have not missed out on what may be the most awesome or important experience of your current life!

Just be prepared by considering a safe environment to trip at, one that you are comfortable with being at for the duration of the experience... Don't plan to travel or attend parties or to be able to get high on lesser intoxicants like the herb while experiencing these higher states of awareness. I agree with the ancients... do them at night, alone. And I have found that being near natural water (like a stream, river, lake, ocean, waterfall)can really help and something else I have noticed... contrary to general beliefs, I have found the full moon to be a wonderful time to injest.

There is not much you can do to prepare yourself mentally for this level of experience...just plan on it changing you forever! Of course, always for the better. I didn't even graduate from High School and so I have a terrible education in that respect, however the psycedelic experience casued me to open my eyes to the universe, the past and future, the beauty and splendor, the strange and mysterious and really inspired my to validate my experiences by reading books on the subjects I encountered while under the influence( such as ufo's, astrology/astronomy, physics, religion, ancient history, metaphysics, magic, sacred geometry etc... And after applying the experience of what the ally gave to me, I can say that I am now a balanced person with a lovely mate and 2 little ones and I am a computer animator and being payed very generously for my artwork. In fact, I created a bulk of the artwork for the largest selling computer game in the world WHILE injesting light to moderate doses of the sacred shrooms and of course a good amount of Ganja!!

Hope you enjoyed!! I'll be back.

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