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River of blod

It was a sunday night and I was once again bourd in the dorms of Humbuldt state university.

It was a sunday night and I was once again bourd in the dorms of Humbuldt state university. Harvest season was a week away for weed so I wanted to wait for that to buy any more bud but the sycadelics where running strong througout the campus. Towards evening I purchased an ounce of the finest mushrooms I have ever seen. not knowing how powerfull they were I downed 4.5 grams and eaght over 1000mg of vitamin C in the form of frute drink mix. As I waited for the drugs to kick in I smoked a little weed and some new stuff people have up hear called Salvia (a leagal mild halusangin that I recomend to all. Look for it on the net.). The trip started with a proceshtion of tiny multi coolored carebears marching out of the carpet and up my pant legs. The tiny animals compleatly covered me making speach imposoble for they shurly would have climed down my throut choking me to death. Later while listening to headphones I could actualy see the music moving up the courd towards me it was in the form of tiny men carrying tiny tuning forks that created the music I was hearing. The walls continuasly churned and convulsed uncontrolably for houers on end.
The first five houers or so all went about like this. I have never had a trip I could not control but this one had me buy the balls and it was kinda scarry.
Later that night I was sitting out side trying to get a grip on reality but to my desmay I had long ago forgoten what reality was like so this was compleatly imposoble. At around midnight the trip turned on me like a pack of rabid dogs shatering any fleating hope of sanity. How long would it be before I started raving and babaling uncontrolobly at those around me? What will they think when I make the final transition between man a beast? "I must get to the forest were I will be accepted" I thought. But that would be harder than I had first anticipated. When I turned to go the world melted before me revealing the tourtured decapitated bodies of several loved ones and friends that I had not seen in years. Horified I spun only to find a Title wave of blod roaring over the tops of the bildings around me. Seaking shelter from the destruction around me I shrank to the safty of the smokers gazebo were I had been sitting. The blod rained on outside floding the courtyard and drowning all the unfortunate souls who could not save them selves. The blod now turned to the river of styx and the gazebo a small vesal that was being quickly carried to the center of firey Hell its self.
After this my memory was blured and I rember only snaches of gore and terror And the ocashonal face, some human some most deffinatly not!

I do know for a fact that the Mushrooms were clean and had no acid on them or any thing like that. Just a crazy trip!!!

And yes I have taken Mushrooms again and I beleave that evory one sould eat lots of shrooms.....but not before they are ready.

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