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It all started in a hedonistic wonderland called "The Meadows," AKA Las Vegas.

It all started in a hedonistic wonderland called "The Meadows," AKA Las Vegas. I haven't tripped in a long long time (a month). My friend Pat quite doing all substances, and has managed to stay clean for six months. He does however still beleive in occasional mind expansion from time to time. He felt ready to embark on a journey to nowhere. The guy he was going to get the "Equadorians" from didn't fall through, so he popped on by my place with his friend mark (hasn't shrooomed in ten years), who had been harassing him all week to trip. I went up to the closet and picked about 50 grams fresh, and took eight cakes to trip with.

Both men were drooling at the mouth like rabbid dogs in heat when I brought down the "Golden Platter." I whipped out the blender and two jugs of cranberry juice, while they roamed around in my backyard waiting for me to finish. As usual, I blended the cakes up, strained, and served. By the end of the excursion I broke the lid on the blender, so pat had to hold it down to get it to work. They didn't want to trip to hard because it has been so long, so I split the whole thing between us. It took a few minutes, but we chugged down the crunchy concoxtion. You got to love those little peices of perlite, and how they somehow always seem to find their way inbetween teeth. After we finished, we ate our tray of gold, three ways even.

We brought Mark with us headed to pats work to drop him off, within ten minutes from my house we were trashed. That drink goes straight through your system like alcohol. We decided to head to the Forum Shops at Ceusars. To give you an idea of how wasted we were, pat nearly got into a head on collision with another vehicle as soon as we left the parking lot (not a wise idea) but pat didn't care either way. Mark was following behind us.

When we arrived, we waited at the entrance to the shops, everyone was looking at us. We stuck out like a sore thumb. Here pat and I are sitting down laughing at everything, while the "beautiful" people pass by, disgusted. Mark was nowhere to be seen, so we decided to wonder around. As I walked through the shops, I couldn't help but notice the plastic layer covering the people within. They walked around, some hoping to get "discovered," some blowing their spouses hard earned money away at every chance possible, others...just there for ride like the rest of us. I was trapped in NOWHERE, I was here and everywhere, and yet I was nowhere. This place was the pinnacle of prestige and glory, a magnet destination to millions around the world. Yet I was trapped in a hedonistic self-indulging illusion. I felt disgust for human nature. Most of the women, drapped in expensive furs and extravagance. A cultural trap for those who fall prey. And the men with their money and power, walking carelessly through a phalic corridor into their ego. These were my thoughts, I was disguisted at what I was seeing through this new awareness. Only than when I had no ego, was I able to view that of others.

Pat and I headed back to the car, he kept harassing me about getting adrinachrome. He has always had this fantasy to kill somebody and steal their adrinale gland. But that's all it was, a fantasy. We couldn't find Mark, so we drove down the strip, Pat started to peak. He was FREAKING OUT! He kept saying "Theres to much, to much stuff going on, I can't take it." Everywhere we looked, billions of lights blinding us, people swarming everywhere, like bees flocking to irresistable $honey. Once again Pat nearly killed us, this time almost rear ending somebody in front of us. He stated that when you look at something you take it for granted, and we often block out all of the little things. Only when tripping did he begin to take in every little tangable bit of his five senses. He might have had a neurological overload if we had not left.

We somehow managed to find our way back to pats house PROOF! that there is a GOD (thank you). There is no way in Hell we would have made it back in one peice if SOMETHING? wasn't there watching over us.

Pat and I ended up getting into the discussion of Worm Holes, and how nothing can exist within the same frame of space, it all made sense. You, I, everything is within its own universe, if I make a step toward you, there is infinate space within that space, and if I make another, the process continues. Even if we make bodily contact, there is still infinate space between our skin, atoms, protons and electrons. There are billions of us, in different dimensions, our shadow might be nothing more than ourselves looking back at us within another dimension? Worm Holes are possible I beleive. Can you imagine that this very moment, reading this very sentence will never occur again, EVER. If time travel is possible, you could go back in time, sitting in the same place your at, in front of your computer reading this, but it wouldn't be the same form of space, it would be within another dimension. If you think about it every moment, second in every dimension can only exist once, and only once, I know I'm not taking it for granted anymore. The only refrence we have to that one point in time lies within a few tiny cells floating around in our brains. That's what we talked about for awhile, standard psychonaut talk.

After about five hours the shrooms started to wear off, we decided to finish off the night watching "Dune," on surround sound, 60" inch screen TV. That movie is amazing, and when your tripping its Pucking Futs. By the end of the movie I fell asleep, and had some pretty lucid dreams.

Moral of the Story: What is stopping you?

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