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Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Shrooming

The first time I tripped, I was at Red River Gorge (Kentucky).

The first time I tripped, I was at Red River Gorge (Kentucky). It was a very intense time. After hours of hiking, we decided to pop the caps and be on our way. Once we started roaming through hours of darkness (with coyotes howling, (tripy tripy)), decided to go back to the camp site and finish tripping there. After laying on the ground for a few minutes, I felt something crawling up my leg. I was quick to jump, only to find, there were thousands of spiders everywhere. It had just finished raining and they were out feeding. This tripped all three of us out enough to make us go home. (180 miles). Loading the leftover shroooooooms into a cooler along with our other illegal drugs, we decided to head down the road homeward bound. On the way home, we saw about fifteen police cars on the interstate. What we thought was a road block, was only a traffic accident. We immediately launched the cooler out of the car to avoid going to jail. While passing the scene, we noticed that everyone was starring at us like we were in a burning vehicle. They must have heard the sound of the cooler hit the road. Anyway, this experience almost stopped me from trippppppping again, however, I stayed loyal to the Shroomery. Oh, what ever you do, do not and I repeat, do not drive under the influence of shroooooooooms. It's very dangerous and stupid.

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