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Cluster Relief & OBE

First time.

First time. 3gms. Never done drugs of any kind before.

Most discusting thing I have ever tasted. I began to get cold 1/2 hour after eating them on crackers with peanut butter.

When I closed my eyes I saw tiny little houses decked out with christmas lights. This made me laugh hystarically.

I was alone. I took them to combat Cluster Migraine Headaches that have plagued me for 25 years. Worst pain you can imagine. Having experience childbirth three time I can tell you that it is a walk in the park compared to a Cluster attack. Hear that these things can help and was at the end of my rope so I thought what the heck it's that or check out. I couldn't take the pain any more.

After about an hour I decided to go down to the lake and sit on the dock. While watching the patterns and colors in the water, which moved as though it was alive and trying to move beyond the confines of the surface, I suddenly saw a refleciton in the water of a woman. Looking up and behind me there appeared a woman in a long flowing white gown. Her hair was black as coal and down to her knees. She stood about five inches above the surface of the dock and then levetated slightly higher as she reached her hand out to me.

All the while I kept thinking "is this real, who is she, am I halucinating." Behind her all the trees and the rocks etc were busy doing thier own unique dance and changing like a cameleon to adapt to thier new surroundings.

I reached up and touched her hand and she slowly lifted me off the dock and then we flew! No kidding, real as anything is to me right now, we flew over the lake, to the school where my kids are. I swooped over the parking lot to the "smoking area" of the high school, where we stopped hovering over a group of about ten kids. I looked down and could hear them talking but not make out what they were saying. Then I saw my 18 year old son approach.

My son does not smoke, drink or do drugs. Straight A student and the sweetest kid I have ever known. I felt an odd sense of disappointment and dispair and looked up at the woman that had brought me there. As we hovered above the group she smiled at me and a great cloud of opalecent mist surrounded us. I looked down and could hear the conversation now.

The two large, football type guys in the middle of the group asked Matt if he wanted to have a toke. They extended their offering to him and he shook his head and said no thanks. They continued to ask and then started to tease him. He took it all good naturedly then said he had to go.

We (the woman and I) blew past him and we were suddenly over the construction site that my husband was working on, He was standing next to his dozer with his hard hat under his arm, I was behind him, so close, so real, I listened to him talk to the other two men that work for him and instuct them, at one point the one man turned to my husband and told him this joke he had heard the night before. Then I was off again.

This time to the front lawn of the high school where my two daughters sat with a group of thier friends eating thier lunches. My youngest daughter made an unflattering remark about my cooking, which made my oldest daughter laugh so hard she almost spit her sandwhich through her nose! She then said to her sister that it was not a nice thing to say,... but it was very true, to which they all began to laugh. I smiled up at the woman that had brought me and we hovered higher and higher above the group.

Ifelt a sudden rush as though being sucked through a long tube and PLUNK I was back on the dock. Obviously now coming down and thinking, Boy I am really nieve if I think that Matt really doesn't do ANYTHING of any kind. As I came down I was annalysing all these emtions and thinking how silly I was and that I should be more vigilant with all three of the kids and that they are all inevitably going to get sucked into the vortex of drug use etc. After all they now had a mother that was doing shrooms!

About 4:30, the kids came home. I was now sufficiently straight to handle thier questions. I had told them I was going to do the shrooms to try and end the Cluster Cycle. Having witness this tourture first hand they were all for anything that would aliviate my agony. When Matt asked I began to tell him of my odd halucinations, of the trip to the school and the conversation I had overheard...

When I looked up I wistness what I can only discribe as what a face after death must look like with all the blood drained. Matt was white as a sheet and his eyes looked as though they where about to jump out of thier sockets.

"It happened Mom! It happened just like that! I was standing there as they were teasing me and instead of hearing what they were saying I was wondering how you were doing. I was all of a sudden thinking I need to call and make sure you were okay, so I said I had to go, but when I was half way back to the school to go use the phone there was this kinda rush of air past me and I smelled your perfume, I knew somehow that you were okay, and I just went on to my next class."

The same thing happened with both my daughters and my husband right down to me being able to tell him the joke that Bert had told him that afternoon.

No one was with me, so I can't tell you what happened to my body on the dock in this reality. But I know what happened in that! I also know that I have not had a Cluster Headache for 3 weeks now and that's the first time in over 20 years that I have been pain free for more than one day in a row!

Can't say as I would do them again just for the heck of it, but I would in a flash if the Clusters returned. As to the flying and visit, Wow is all I can say.

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