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4 gms P.Cy +150mg hm

Saturday Nov.

Saturday Nov. 4th 11:00pm-Sunday Nov.5th 6:00Am.
Firstly, I ingested 150mg of harmaline extracted by the 'salt and vinegar' method from Syrian Rue at 10:30pm. I followed this with 4 grams of dried Psilocybe cyanescens and crawled into a sleeping bag in a warm,dark,silent room (my loft bedroom). After doing 30 mins of the 'rebirthing breath' or holotropic breathing the first sign of mushroom inebriation took over as I was wafted right out of my body in a sudden rush of red,blue and 'electric mauve' waves of energy. I am lacking data on the next hour as I gyrated and twisted and had tetany followed by release followed by tetany again...
The next thing I recall clearly is entering my psyche via my feet and I just sort of slid up through the rest of my being, a mish mash of images cascaded through me as I went through the process of rebirthing and realigning. I noticed hidden pockets of previously unexamined anger and fear, I surfed through old hockey/baseball pains and when I happened to look in a mirror I noticed my eyes were looking different ways.
Also, my eyes were oozing out rather thick tears the whole time. It seemed as though for awhile I had composite sight akin to what a bugs must be like. My hand in front of my face in the dim light of predawn seemed to be coming at me from too many angles. I'm uncertain of how to explain that better.
As the effects calmed down a little I was awash in the luminous and embedded in the numinous, and every muscle in my body felt like jello. Smooth and ache free. I'm going to say it was a level 5 due to the intensity of images and the flow of orgone which I experienced and due to the fact that I left my body and journeyed 'out' in the flow of colours only visible on tryptamines.
As I started to come down I noticed that I kept lying in weird postions and flip-flopping all over the bed. I am assuming this effect was caused by the MAOi in combination with the shrooms. It is the first time I have ever utilized an MAOi whilst on mushrooms though I am familiar with the effects combined in Pharamhuasca.
At this moment I am wondering if I shouldn't have taken less of the cyans just to get a feel for the mixture, but what the heck, it's over now. I am not sure I'll repeat this experiment with the same number of mushrooms.
In Lake'ch

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