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pretty pretty pretty

about four years ago i had one of the more incredible experience of my life.

about four years ago i had one of the more incredible experience of my life. I had purchased a 1/4 ounce of psylocybes and a 10 strip. That 10 strip was some fairly decent acid. i had been eating it for about half that year. It didn't make your body sore. Infact, it made it feel good. It put no weird taste/smell in your mouth. Coming down off of it was a smooth easy glide. It did not leave you feeling exausted. It didn't give you stomach cramps. The high was euphoric and silly not frantic and nuerotic. You could see some nice 3d fractals and breathing walls off of two doses. I bought it all on a friday night after i got my paycheck. For some reason i went home that friday at about 12 o'clock. I was planning on tripping with some friends the next day. I couldn't wait. After my parents fell asleep, i ate all of it. i ate all the acid. I ate all the mushrooms. After about 20 minutes i got tired of waiting for it to kick in. So i grabbed my weed. I made a little highschool coke-can pipe.I headed out to the woods to smoke some pot. I started having some strange thoughts on the way to the woods: I realized that nobody is self sufficient. I realized when you take from others you have to give something back so that you won't run out of what ever you need from the other person. i realized that you should only give positive energy to others and that you shouldn't take more from others than you give or would be willing to give. and you shouldn't give what you wouldn't be willing to recieve. Then i realized that what you give is what you receive. duh its called the golden rule. Then i started thinking about evil in regards to the rule that every action has an equal and oposite reaction. When you are evil or give negative energy to others they give negative energy back to you. If you kill someone you get the death penalty. I started thinking about this in regards to survival of the fittest and evolution. I realized that in a few million years evil would weed itself out of the gene-pool. Good! I didn't have to worry about evil anymore! Then i started thinking about evolution and genetic technology. I realized that humans are at one of the most important stepping stones in evolution. We are mapping the human genome. We are altering the genes of other organisms. I realized that we will one day be able to alter our own genetic make-up for survival. At that point we will be consciously in control of our own evolution. Previously evolution and adaptations have been random trial and error. This, i realized, was a bigger evolutionary stepping stone than the little fish sprouting legs and walking on the ground or even the opposable thumb. Genetics no longer seemed scary and unnatural to me, but i saw it as a natural part of evolution and that is beautiful. I realized that most people are scared of it cause they're scared of change. Then i started thinking about the golden rule stuff again in regards to the environment. I started thinking about how we are destroying the environment that we need for our own survival. I started thinking about how we need to use technology to improve upon the environment not to create smog and cut down the rainforests. I realized that genetic technology could be used to eliminate pesticides (which have killed off several bird species) eliminate fertilizer run-off and drastically reduce the size of farmland used. I remembered that cattle farming was the main reason why the rainforests are being rapidly cut down. This all seems extremely trite to me now but when you're in the 10th grade and you're on a 10-strip and a 1/4 oz of mushrooms its very profound. Come to think of it i didn't realize i was tripping at that point. I was still waiting for it to kick in. When i got to the woods i sat down on my usual pot smoking log on top of a hill. I liked the spot because some church parking lot flood-lights would shine through the trees creating a nice looking effect that also allowed you to see at night. I started smoking pot. After the second bowl, I realized how fucked up i was. I also realized how gorgeous the pink blossoms on all the trees were. At that point everything around me began breaking up into fragments. The fragments formed a sphere around me. The sphere became transparent. Beyond the sphere i could see what i can describe only as reflections within reflections within reflections of shimmering lights and branches and blossoms. I'm not sure how long i was there. I remember it only as an instant. It was light outside when i decided to go home and i was still smoking pot. I went home. I went to my room.I turned on the TV and nothing was on...

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