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fresh in S. America

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here i am in south america for a year as an exchange student. im in venezuela, near columbia. i have looked for mushrooms sevral times in the mountains here and never found anything. then i went with two of my friends on a thursday afternoon. we had a car, which put us at an advantage. we drove for about 20 mins, parked the car, hopped a stone wall and we were in the cow pasture. i had been to this sight only once before with no luck. we started looking and there was nothing and i began to think to myself that there was going to be nothing. a few meters later my friend says, "hey check this one out" (but in spanish), he holds it up and i see the biggest cubinsi i have ever seen in all my life. it had a cap the size of half a softball. so we continued with the good luck and came out with 15 big (not quite softball though...) shrooms.

we decided to eat them the next friday in the afternoon. at about 1 we put the 15 shrooms in a blender and added passion fruit, which is yellow, and out came a green mushy slime. tasted like shit. we ate them at about 2:00 (myself and two others). my friends smoked a joint, but i just tripped on my shrooms. then we started climbing the hills behind my house.

hiking and hiking. i was feeling a little anxious, and feeling the begining of the effects. then we arrived in a banana plantation behind a clay house. this kinda scared me because the people who live in the mountains here, live there because they have some reason to seperate themselves from the city. i´ve herd some weird stories. but it was okay, then we conected on to a small road which had an incline like a son of a bitch. i was hot and red from the shrooms, but we all started running up the road for some reason. that almost killed me. from here you could see the whole city. i could see bright colors and little black flies every where in the air. just some calm shroomy stuff.

we kept on going and going, until we reached a yellow church thing. its like a prayer booth that looks over the city. we sat down on the gras beside it and started laughing at every little thing that happened. that was fun untill we realized that we were sitting in ants. vicious little fuckers too...

we cleaned up and tried to find a way down the mountain. it took us about half an hour (we stopped to watch a plane coming in over head). then we just started running. and ran back to my house. i took a shower (real nice) and came into my room and hesitated for a second when i realized that my host mom had rearranged my room. that was a trip, then i just relazed and listened to my music until the shroom wore completly off.

it was a good day, not too heavy like some of my other times, just a good chillin day in south america.


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