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Trippin Forest Style

The shrooms sat on the stump waiting, waiting for me to eat the damn things.

The shrooms sat on the stump waiting, waiting for me to eat the damn things.

The day was warm, a slight breeze blew through the grass, and the sun was high in
a cloudless sky. I had taken a nature walk with my friend Seth. We had walked for quite a
while and found ourselves in a large clear cut. Cows had obviously been through there,
because patties were everywhere. Seth had picked some shrooms and said that these were
the real deal. He was an experienced shroomer, I had never shroomed before. So he and I
ate them...all twenty five.
I didn’t like the taste much so I just swallowed most of them. Seth said,
“Dude, we should find some where in the woods to chill yo.” He was a classic
surfer guy. He talked and looked like one too. I remember strolling down a narrow path
into a deep wood.
We found nice, dry, yet mossy soft log and sat down. I suddenly got the
impression that we were surrounded by Ewoks, hiding in the dense foliage. I don’t know
how I knew they were there because I couldn’t see them...at first. My head flopped to one
side and I found myself starring at a tree. WOW! Like a river, a fountain, jetting up from
the earth. My eyes followed it upwards. OH SHIT!! We were inside a cathedral, a massive
castle made by mother nature. How beautiful and awesome it was!!
“DUDE! It’s like working B.” Seth admitted to me.
“Quite strange really.” I said as Seth balanced on his head a two foot egg which
had been in his shoe the whole time...?...uh....wait a minute. Seth was right, it was

The Ewoks, were closing in, whispering things in French. Why’d I have to take
German in highschool! I put my hand on the log. The energy of the forest flowed into me.
Up my arm it surged, into my shoulder, my neck, my face, my eyes...the world exploded!!
Color pored from everywhere. Greens and yellow and blues. Pure energy of the forest,
pure mana, pure love. Everything bulged with sound, taste, color, life.
Then it became calm. A peacefulness so immense, so
huge, so vast, yet comforting, words cannot describe it.
I looked through the massive trees, their age wisdom and strength almost to much
to take. I felt like giving everything away and living forever in the forest. A piece of blue
sky flew towards me. It became a ten foot dragon fly made out of clouds and floating
water. It was a giant but it was so kind and majestic. It landed on the log next to me and
spoke. It’s words were from an ancient language, they sounded like colors and time and
thought. The world around us melted away.
I cant translate what he said or what I saw or felt into words at all. I guess, try to
imagine having your arm dipped into a cool mountain stream, but your arm does not just
go into the water, it becomes the water. And for a moment you feel everything the stream
feels, the rocks and the sand. Your arm becomes the stream falling down the mountain,
you feel everything. The stream becomes a river, you become the river as well. The river
empties into the sea. You feel the earth, because you are part of the water that is wrapped
around it. Now imagine putting your face in the cool mountain stream. Having your eyes
and ears become one. Having your mind your soul wrapped around to earth. Hugging the
earth. And you can feel the warm core, you can hear earth’s beating heart. That is closest
explanation I can give you.
Never the less, back to the story...sometime had passed and the sun was not so
high in the sky as it once had been.

“Dude” ....hysterical laughter.... “Dude, quit hugging that damn tree and lets get
the fuck outta here man, damn yo.”

“S-Seth, you gotta try this hugging tree shit. It’s wild.”

We were both coming down. My dragon fly friend had become one with the forest
again. The day was coming to an end so we followed a group of Ewokes home. I’d
recommend not to take a shit load of shrooms on your first time because allot of the shit I
saw and felt was a little overwhelming....on the other hand I lived and since then I spend a
whole lot more time in the woods and feel like a better person for it. So I leave you with
the words of Seth and his explanation of what shrooms do,
“Dude, those little fairy chairs open the mind’s eye man, and it’s like, damn
yo, these are twisted shit B”
...(don’t worry the shrooms didn’t make him intellectually impaired)

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