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friday night

one day after school me and 2 of my friends went over to some chicks house to buy some weed for the night she said she didn't have weed but she had shrooms and acid.

one day after school me and 2 of my friends went over to some chicks house to buy some weed for the night she said she didn't have weed but she had shrooms and acid. my one friend bought 1 hit of acid and i did to but as soon as i saw the little peace of papper i thought this won't make me trip out so i bought a g of shrooms to go with it.It was 5:30 and some of use went to meet at a park,i ate my gram of shrooms and then put the acid in my mouth right after,We started walking to our friends house about a half hour later we finally got there and we were all bitching about the fact that we haven't even hallusinated off our drugs until i started feeling alittle light headed i looked over to my friend who was on acid and i saw him staring down at the coffee table i said "What the fuck are you staring at?" until i looked down and saw all the coffee stains moving around and falling on the carpet so i said "OH MY FUCKIN GOD ITS RUINING THE FUCKEN CARPET!!!" so i was trying to pick up all the stains and place them neatly on the table. my friend said yo lets go out a smoke a couple of joints so we all went outside and walked to a baseball dimond and sat on the benches.I looked up at the what should have been black sky but it was fucken green and the stars were pink i felt like i was spining but i was perfectly still i looked back down and someone passed me a joint the smoke from the joint was spining and going in and out of my eyes so i took a hit but as soon as the smoke went in me i felt like my whole body was set on fire i fucken started freakin out and i wasen't even close to the peek of the acid probably the peek of the shrooms.I calmed down and my friends had the munchies so we started walking to tim hortans when i rememberd one of my brothers friends told me if i was ever on acid to feel how fast my hart was beating so i went up my shrit and i felt something moving on my cheast i looked down and there was a fuckin head growing out of my cheast i start yelling and punching my friends told me to clamb down and have a some beer but i turned it down because i thought i was way to fucked up to be drinkin.We finally got to tim hortans i sat down and looked at the table everything on it was moving and bleeding into each other i stood up after 10 mins of lookin at that and the walls were curving the steam from the coffee was making my head feel like it was mealting the costomers were talkin the capichino machine was rummbaling everything was going fucken insane so i yelled out "WE HAVE TO GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!" everyone looked at me like i was crazy we all left because i was freaken out i couldn't see a thing everything was blury and i could feel my insides movin like a lava lamp and i had to go home because it was late so i went home and turned on my strob light and went to sleep. thats the end of the trip and to this day i will never mix lsd and shrooms in the same night

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