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Tripreports and a "little" extra by Think (also known as Drisch) Aged 20, from Norway Hobbies are : the human mind, psychedelics, computers, games, internet, training, sex, partys, good food, hanging out with friends and of course music !

Tripreports and a "little" extra by Think (also known as Drisch)

Aged 20, from Norway
Hobbies are : the human mind, psychedelics, computers, games, internet, training, sex, partys, good food, hanging out with friends and of course music ! And I have goal to change the system in the world as it is now, the thing Im thinking about are many of the laws we are having.

I have written this text in english, even though Im norwegian, just so that I could get it in on international pages without having to type it all over again, I really dont have the time(got to save the world).
It is a long text, but I hope it will interst you. I insure you that all I have written is not bragging and the thruth as far and as good as I can rembember.
Excuse my english and excuse me for the use of words like; friends, pals and mates, but the other persons involved on the trips didnt want their names mentioned for some reason, not even their nicks, so I guess they just dont stand for what theyve done, maybe its fear or something !?!

I think You never forget your trips, not if they are really good or really bad, what Im saying is; if they move your soul in one way or another theyre going to change your life a bit, and hopefully to the better. One just got to take all the information from ones experiences and learn of them. If theyre nothing, theres nothing to talk about, or if one trips alot, then youre wrecking the experience, and your also an abuser, which means you better find some other things to do in your life.

Other than shrooms Ive tried(rated as follows); Cannabis(many, many times, I see myself as an past abuser of it, but the shrooms helped me to think different), MDMA(one time, good experience, but I think that I am not going too try them again), Alcohol (many times, my first high ever was on 96% alcohol, Ive had both good and bad experiences), Cocaine(One time, good experience here also, but Its not something I recommend others to try), Amfetamine(tried it twice, first experiece OK, other one bad, I really do hate this one but Ive gotten over it), Nicotine(Have been an abuser. Nothing good comes out of this one). Ive started to dislike "drugs" that work in a specific direction.
Ive also planned to try DMT and LSD in the future : ). I hope I have something good in wait.

I am going to tell you about my five first trips, that is also all of my trips so far!
Ive by the way got about 150 dried Psilocybe Semilanceata just waiting to be used :) And Ive ordered 4g. of Hawaiian and 2,4g. of azurescens at Sjamaan.com, which havent arrived yet.

Trip 1
Me and five of my friends from Norway had decided to go to the Roskilde Festival, the year 99, and as usual on our tours to Copenhagen the first destination was the free state of Christiania :). We bought pipes and a good vareity of both skunk and hash. Some of my friends had tried shrooms and LSD earlier, and they found this swedish guy on a bike in Christiania; which sold cacti and shrooms. I talked with him and explained my situation, he recommended some lakris balls whom he had baked some shrooms in, they should work fine for an first time experience.
But my first trip wasnt a trip at all, it was some treshold effects; Igot a little active, and very irritated, cause one of my friends, which hadnt any psychedelic experience either, got some clear effects. I wasnt irritated at himbut at myself and maybe a little bit at that swedish guy who had sold me that bullshit.

Trip 2
The day after I made up my own opinion; I was going to trip hard !!! I went over to the swedish guy, and I told him; that what he had given me didnt work. He suggested to eat a heavier dose of lakris, and so I bought 2g. But to be sure, so I didnt have to travel to Copenhagen anymore, I asked for the heaviest shrooms he got! He sold me 2g. of Psilocybe azurescens and 2 capsules with the hawaiian( Psilocybe Copelandia). I ate the lakris in Christiania, then smoked some jach herer skunk on a water bong and went on the train back to Roskilde.
When I arrived the tent area I still didnt feel anything, except from the skunk which got me sky high, so I decided to eat 1 gram of the azurescens and the two capsules. The azurescens really tastes like hell :(. I had eaten much that day, as no one did tell me not to!
Me and one of my friends, who had taken some hawaii, walked over too buy some Cocio. I had to help him paying, cause he taught all of his money was just floating around, swimming in his wallet. He actually wanted to empty his wallet on the desk and just leave : )
One hour later two of my friends asked me to come with them to the Metallica concert, one of them on cubensis and one on Hawaii. As we were approaching the concert I felt the earth rumbling, my body was electric and I could see, hear, smell and feel absoultly EVERYTHING! It was totally overwhelming, suddenly I started to see the faces of all the persons changing all the time. I felt 3metres tall and was out of balance.
Then before we even had arrived the concert I turned to one of my mates, and told him to just follow me back to the tent. I was unable to function normally. Before we got back to the tent, my soul was like ripped out of me and there was no contact, except I remember my mate told me that he had never seen so enormous pupils in his life, my eyes where like black holes, he saw eternity in my eyes !!!
I lied down in the tent, where I stayed the next eight hours whitout moving an inch.
I was lying there, watching the wind flow through my blue tent, and the sun outside, and it seemed to relaxe me a bit, maybe cause I didnt know the trip was just getting started !!!

Imagine this was my first really trip, and it was just too much. I was hearing voices, seeing creatures, extreme patterns and a black pyramide, which was endlessly huge, and it had an eye. I was sure that this time I had really done it; I was dead and trapped in this wicked place for the rest of my life. Then I started to think of my mom and my dad, and that I had put them down; the people I am most grateful to and that I love the most in my life. Now I was fucked, I was bading I think, but I wasnt afraid. How could any of this make any sense at all ???. But as I tought about the meaning of it all, it was like i pulled a splint out of my head. I felt so reliefed, happy and good, I was fucking glowing, inside and outside :).

After app. eight and a half hour, which had seemed like the longest time in history I got myself up and took a hit of some good Maroc, and I just felt like magic, I had this goodness in my body and mind which Ive never felt ever after. I stayed amazed the rest of the festival, and I think it ruined the feeling of being on concerts, because nothing seemed to surprise me after this. And the last gram of azurescens, I gave away to one of my friends. At that moment I had been through THE ULTIMATE TRIP, and I was thinking about never tripping again.

Trip 3
This time around, in september the same year(99), it was me and a mate who had been out and picked about 150 Psilocybe Semilanceata. We had no place to take it, but later on the evening another one of my friends and a pal of him, which by the way had no experience with the stuff, called me. He offered us to stay in his appartment if they could join in on the trip. I said; yes of course and so we made tea :). I had been preparing alot better than last time; I had been fasting and read alot of information on the internet(I must just thank the blind energy of the big bang, for the internet, I love the internet! It is one of those few things which is free).
But anyway, this one came on so much faster than the one I ate at Roskilde, and it was completely different; not at all as wild, but much more social and funny. I was in love with the universe again!
One of the two that hadnt tried it before got nearly none effects, except from laughing in several hours. So he said, but I think thats effects enough, beacuse that proves that something was going on. The other one got good effects, he said it was a postive experience, one which he had learned much of. The last one, whom had tried it before, sat by himself not saying a word, but it looked like he enjoyed himself. He did by the way say one thing; he had full control, whatever that meant.
The nabour of the guys apartment came in for a visit, and fired up some bongs with maroc, that fucked us up a bit, but not for long.
After he had left, my other companions tought it to be a good idea to go out and drive some in the car. It seemed like a lunatic thing to do for me, the one that nearly said a word was going to be the driver, but I couldnt head home to my parents in that mood ! So I jumped in too. When we where driving at 50 km/t it felt like well over hundred and sometimes it felt like twenty, crazy time delay shit. And I had to jell to the driver at some turns where he forgot to swing.
Except from the driving the evening turned out nearly perfect :) (nothing is perfect, and if you think it is than your demands are low!). We talked about many different things later on, things that we usually dont talk about at all. I slept well and had no hangover the day after, not like the one at Roskilde at least !!!

Trip 4
After that last time I decided too not use anything, but some beer and cannabis at good parties (good parties dont happen too often around here!). But we gathered together a gang of eight persons who left off for Roskilde 2000, alot of other known people were also going, which we met at the tent area, and joined for a bigger camp.
I went to Christiana the first day, but they only had the cubensis, so I bought 10g., as I knew this was weak. I also of course bought alot of cannabis, as did the others.
We split the bag of cubes on three persons, a bit over 3g. each, we consumed it by eating! Not tasting as bad as the azurescens, but worse than the Semilanceata, and working different from both of them, as I had no experience with the cubes from before I expected anything.
I had read on the internet that a 3g. dose was an average dose for good tripping, but as I tought; the one they sell in Christiania in those ice boxes is dry, really dry, and not near as potent as anything Ive tried before :(.
I admit that I was tripping, but not as good as I hoped for. My vision got dark blue, I laughed much and I had a little problem with time and distances, but that was about all.
One thing I remeber is when I was going to urinate; it was about 20m from my tent opening to the place were people urinated, but it seemed like such a long way to walk, so I didnt want to go that far from the tent even though I knew it was a short distance.
After a little while I decided to go after all, and as I stood there about to pee, I looked down at my dick, and guess what, it looked like a mushroom !!! I shaked my head, looked down again but it still looked like a shroom, as I began to pee it looked like a dick again, I was totally reliefed. When I got back to the tent my mates wondered if I had been jerking off or something, cause I had been over there for at least 15.min. And this where people just drinking and smoking who said, so I had to belive them.
The other two which were tripping, had gotten their hands on a photo camera, they were running around and taking pictures of nothing, and I am really looking forward to what the hell got out of that.
Even though the weather was shitty almost all the time during the festival, and some people got themselves killed at the Pearl Jam concert(May peace be with them forever!), the mushies, the good smoke and my friends kept my mood up. We also took some(3) capsules of cubes one of the days, but I dont count that as tripping at all, so I am not going to wright a report about nothing.

Trip 5
On a sunday in the middle of september 2000, me and two of my friends went out to pick some Semilanceata. We came over this amazing field, where we picked well over 400 shrooms in about 20min. There where much more shrooms on the field, but we tought we should save them for other trippers. And since there was only me and one of my friends who was going to use them, the other one was just going to look at us while we where tripping, he is a little sceptic, but thats a good thing, isnt it; not to rush into things I mean ! Anyway, when I got back home I put all of the shrooms on my table for drying.
But when the next day came, me and my nabour mate couldnt wait anymore. And our friend who had helped us picking the day before came to see us flip.

I chose about 250 shrooms for the trip. I took three cups of water, boiled it, cooled it down a couple of mins. while I chopped the shrooms. Then I put them in the water, and let them stay in there for about 20mins. Afterwards I fished the shrooms up, and pressed the juices out of them; till the water became nearly black. It tasted real strong, much stronger than last time we made tea, so we used some orange juice to get it down with.

The juice and the shroomtea was consumed in less than five minutes, and only 10-15 min. later I felt clear effects, while my friend ran out to the toilet to puke (he got mega vibes nearly at once). I, by the way, got instantly happy, and started to laugh uncontrolable, and I felt my body and my mind was trying to brake over to the other side.
At 30min. I was having clear hallucinations, everything had patterns and was breathing; It was like I was everything and everything was me. The musical experience where enhanced from great to amazing, crazy and funny. And the mood I was in, was contolled by it; if the song was fast, I got stressed. But when we put on the Hair musical album, and also listened to some supertramp, I was laughing my brains out.
Our mate had two make the hash, cause the tobacco was just moving around on the magazine and so was the background and the surface. He was laughing at us and I think that lifted our mood alot, as we were happy as fuck, even though my nabour puked, he got clear effects and it seemed he had forgotten the puking. But I was the one with the wildest effects, and when I got my first hit of the bong, I got into a completely other mood, still happy, but a bit more crazy and with some problems talking.

At app. 1h. and 45min. I was one with the universe, I understood EVERYTHING, it ALL seemed easy, and a hell of alot of information was floating through my head whitout stopping. My mates told me that I was talking far over their head, and that there were much they couldnt understand. I wanted to wright it down, but I couldnt use the pen, nor see the paper straight. When I watched some TV, Robert de Niro was on, and for everything he was about to say or do I could see it on his face or feel it in my mind before it actually happened, weird.

But then one thing happened, which shouldnt have; some "non-mushheads" classmates of my nabour came to visit. They had been drinking and they wanted to come in, but my nabour refused them to, they didnt care and started to argue with him, and it was clear that they wanted a fight. And as my nabour is this little guy, not a fighter by any means, nor am I(Im not small and would probably have kicked their ass, but I hate violence, it just dosent help for anything!), but I got very clear at what to do and say, I went over to talk with them, calm, easy and looking straight into their eyes(without even thinking of my huge pupils), I said; You are not wanted here now, we have a visitor, were sober(he,he) and youre drunk, it would be much better for all of us if you came back sober some day. And they seemed to understand it at once, they turned around, said bye and left. When I sat myself down afterwards, I couldnt remember what Id done, but my mates told me, and I got in an even better mood :)

A little later one of our friends came to visit, he wanted some hash. He is a mental patient and have been in different institutions, several times; he smokes hash every day and ate MDMA as it was candy. He gets stressed by nothing, and as everything took its time I was starting to feel his mood. And when someone feels bad, and Im tripping it influence over on me, I soon felt that his vibes was ruining my experience, which had been beautiful so far. We smoked a couple of hits on him, so that he could leave, he really stressed us for a while, but when he left I felt relifed at once.

Some time later our friend left too, and he had made up his mind that he was going to try the shrooms once. The rest of the evening and the night me and my nabour sat up talking, listening to music and smoking, all of them in a different way than usual. I remeber telling him that I felt like some sort of god and later on I found out that everything in the universe is really just one thing, that every creature is really a god, and that we dont need them laws as long as we dont hurt anybody. I had solutions for everything, and I could feel my brain working hard and fast on another plan of knowledge and information.

It was mostly me who was talking, but I couldnt help it, it was like this voice of endless intelligence coming from the shrooms were talking through me, it told me what was right and wrong. No matter what I asked it, it had an answer, I was understood and so was the voice by me. I felt like the best companion to the shrooms ever and that I was going to make their will come through; for this earth to become a better place for all creatures(it can always get better!). I couldnt thank them enough for the answers they gave me.
When I went to bed, I slept damn well, with an large smile in my face.

When I woke up the next morning I felt wonderful, like this was the first day in the rest of my life, and my toughts were that I was going to change the world for the better in every situation I would get. I have also noticed that I am learning much easier and much more than ever before, even though my grades in school have always been very good. I am understanding so much more than ever, there is just one thing I just cant believe or understand; psilocybe shrooms is about to get illegal back here in Norway(the Psilocybe Semilanceata already is!)

Anyway, I will say that this is my best experience so far, and I havent used them after, as I still have this amazing feeling :). I feel that I am extremely lucky to have found this gift of nature, which helped me to look at life and the universe in a completely different way, in a better way. It is not that I aint going to use them again, but what I am saying is that there is no haste, there are alot more to do in the world than shrooming and getting high, and espescially now that I already got this knowledge, but one can always learn more!!! And I will ofcourse come back to you if I have any experiences which I find worth mentioning

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