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Stuck in the trees

Recently there have been many booms around and i jsut happened to get my hands on an 8th.

Recently there have been many booms around and i jsut happened to get my hands on an 8th. Since i hadnt tripped since early in the summer and it was December 1st when i was going to grub them i figured i was going to tripp really hard (plus the guy that gave them to me recommended grubbin' only a half 8th). My good friend whom is an experienced tripper himself said only to do a half 8th becasue he grubbed an 8th and was totally out of it all night. I know my limit and i know i can handle pretty much anything so i said fuck it and grubbed the full thing. All week i planned out what i was going to do on friday because i was missing both ratdog shows(bob weir....for you deadheads out there). I borrowed my friends jerome baker 2 foot glass bong, i bought a 1/4 of good dank nuggets....so I was set for the night.
I grubbed the bag at 10pm exactly...the mush i had were fresh and were still pretty wet..they had a tint of blue and were still pretty much in their original form. So anyway i grubbed them and left my house and walked over to my friends house where we have a spot in the middle of some pine trees where you cannot see in or out. I figured this was a good place to begin my peak then i would go from there. So i arrived at the spot and i could definitly feel them kicking in at this point. I was having minimal visuals 30 mins after and was begining to feel the intensity which i love so much. So i sat down and began taking massave bong hits while talking to my non-tripping friend. The next thing i know my friend had left and i was alone in the trees tripping my ass off. everything that was safely in my pockets or in my backpack was now all over the ground. I remember saying to myself what the fuck has been going on???? I had no clue at this point...i remember thinking that Jay leno was the answer to soceities problems...and that he was the basis for the "norm" of soceity. While thinking this i was saying it out loud in a poem. everything i was thinking i was saying, and everything i was saying i was ryhming. I was still sitting down ripping tubes, trying to figure out how to pack the damn thing. Then i began to loose it...i didnt loose it in a bad way, i jsut had no control of anythign iwas doign i couldnt tell which way was left and which way was up and down. I proceeded to pick up all the things i was throwing and dropping while still sitting in my seat. I found it quite difficult to picking anything up with my hands already full with things that made no sense at the time. After a while i couldnt control myself at all and my subconscience kicked in and i was on the road again.... I couldnt do anything productive i could seem to leave that one spot and when i did i found myself sitting in the chair again. Finally i jsut picked up the bong and left leaving behind everythign but my cigs and herb. I began wandering around my rich ass neighborhood full of huge lawns in which to ripp heavily upon. I came accross what i thought was a dog that was talking to me...so i sat with him and chatted for awhile, ripping tubes and staring at the vast, crisp, starry night sky, which was more beautiful than i had ever seen. I knew i was fucked out of my mind and i loved it!!! Then the dog disappered, and i was stuck there with this fuckin bush in my face! Fuck you bush! you have no idea what its like! Theres no way out of it you fucking whore!!! get away from me you hypocritical bastard. That was the end of the bush cause i beat the shit out of it (ive got the cuts to prove it). I then proceeded to try and burn the damn thing cause it was starting to bother me that this thing wasnt leaving me so i left it in the street and said some shit to it. So when that was all said and done i tried to destroy all similar plant life, without even knowing what the fuck was going on. I kept telling myself that what i was doing was the right thing and that i must continue to forge ahead of the rest of the population of america and become the leader of something...i dunno it was to crazy i dont think i can even comprehend now what i was thinking. This whole time i was having the most intense visuals i have ever experienced (even on acid!!). I couldnt see what i was doing....it was impossible to light my cigarette cause it was too close to my face and the colors were too intense.
I then found myself sitting in the back of my car listening to Phish NYE 2000 (Sand--very trippy). There i decided to see how long it took to phishbowl my car, and how bowled i could get it. Well... i dont know how long it took but by the end i could hardly breath and i could smoke anymore because i could see where the slide was on the bong so i gave up and took a picture of it. It was freezing outside so i decided that it was a good idea to go inside since my hands were swollen and i could hardly move them. IF i could remember what happened after that i would tell you but i honestly dont... In the morning i found myself curled up on my nordictrack, and my cigarettes were all broken up and were in my bag which at one point contained my herb...and my cigarette box that once contained my cigs had the reminance of my nuggets....

I wish i could remember more details...but thats appart of the whole experience...not remembering and being temporarily insane (thats how i like it)
~JH Malvern pa

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