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meeting reality


Well this was just the 3rd time or so that I ate shrooms..
Here in Germany we can buy them legal dried in little bags in psycodelic shops.
So me and two of my good friends decided to buy 10 gramms of dried mexian stropharia cubensis.
This time I sayed to myself I wanted real intense optics and expiriences. So I ate 5 gramms and my friends ate 2.5 each.

When It started hitting me an hour later everything was alright and I was very happy with my trip.
We went to an apartment my friend got hold of somehow. Arived there I looked at the greenly flashing walls in all the hallways of the bulding and thought WOW this is the place to trip. I went up to the aparment and it was perfect. A good stereo, smoke machine, black light, and some trippy colourd lights.. We were sitting around not talking but only enjoying our optics.. I soon realised that my trip went out of control and I was unable to do anything about it. My optics sometimes began to form horror visions which really wasnt what I expected.

The next thing I remeber is 2 people slapping and punching me, telling me to wake up, telling me to breathe..

I had a total shock. I was unconcious for about 30 seconds probably due to a lack of oxigen. I forgot to breathe!

Looking out the window and gasping for air I hear my friend asking me if I really died or If I was alive. I started seeing clouds and these pink people asking me to come with them.. I was in heaven I thought until I turned around and saw 2 really worried faces asking me if I was ok.
Now I had full control over my trip again. At times we just lay in that room not looking at each other just riding the wave and trying to cope with the harcore flashs I was getting. this went on for some time but I cant remeber how long.. one time when my mobile rang I was so scared of it that I got rid of my "ringing pants" and tried to find it in my boxershorts. Finally got to answer the phone it was a friend with a car.. hehehe that was the best thing which could happen. I was tripping of my ass and that guy wanted to go to Mc Donalds. I still now think it was a mistake to go into the society with 3 tripping idiots in a car driven by a stoned person with no sencne for anything.

It took us about 2 hours it seemed to place the order at the drive thru but when we were done we drove down to the river by Frankfurt and enjoyed our feast which made me feel alot better.
I sat down by a bench outside and heard the winds and waving thru the trees and It just gave me a warm and good feeling. All this time I was somewhere between reality and the stars. When I started thinking about what could happen next It scared me and my optics became horror. This was one thing I learned.. the location and people around you and especially your attitude towards the drug is really important..
We played around outside for hours and hours and just drove from a location outside to the next.. Later when my trip started going we went to my place and smoked alot of grass and hash to calm down and sleep. Which I realised when I woke up in a corner in the morning seeing everyone else still sleeping..

:) I think this trip opend my eyes to a new world and to a new way of looking at particular things.

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