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freaked out to feeling great

Friday 10/09/03around 6pm on friday nite me and my 2 best freinds went to gather some liberty caps.

Friday 10/09/03

around 6pm on friday nite me and my 2 best freinds went to gather some liberty caps... they grew in a nice location where hundreds of them grow.. we went picking for about 10 minutes and we collected around 120 shrooms ( we only wanted a mild trip) after we picekd the shrooms we went to my freinds house D and we started drinking some vodka and some cheap crap cider. we stayed there to about 8pm by the time we left his house we had a pretty good head on form the drink.. we decided we would catch a bus to a town about 3 mile from us and chill out in the pub there.. we checked the times of the busses and we had an extra hour to wait so we walked down to some girls house till it was time to get the bus. on the way down me and M took ate the freshly picekd shrooms.. i ate around 60 and M had about 50 by the time we got to the girls house i could feel the trip kicking in... i got full rushes of energy and some mild hallucinations.. once we got into the girls house the trip fully kicekd in.. i sat on the seat in her house and i looked down at my own hands the colour of my hands changed to a orange glow then the whole colour of the room red wallpaper was BRIGHT RED everythiugn was brighter and i looked at these 2 girls their faces were glowing orange the girls looked gorgeous only ppl that looked normal was my 2 best freinds their faces were not glowing and they looked normal.. the other 2 girls started to melt in front of me then one of the girls started to dance with me i dont really trust this girl and she freaked me out being right up in my face... i then started to get scared i stood in the corner of the room trying to keep away form this girl who appeared to look like miss piggy she scared me and i thoguht shit i told my freinds that she just put me on a bad trip. i tried to ignore her best i could and i went form being really freaked out to being "ok" when some real good banging tracne tunes come on that i liked i felt ok again then i turend round and seen miss piggy she fuking scared me again there was liek a glowing aroma around around the ppl i felt safe with then i look at miss piggy and i see a black aroma coming from her fucked up looking pig face.... then soem guy walked into the living room and he had a huge argument with miss piggy... its then i thought i needed to get out of the house we then decied to walk up the high street to get some food for my sober friend D... me and M and D left the house. on the way there i was pretty scared and i was freaking out. my sober freind D mentioned my sisters house to me then i thought oo i can ride the trip out there till i felt comfortable with myself i just needed somewhere where i felt safe to get a grip of myself again. we went to my sisters house and she was not in... i wanted to see her so bad.. me and my freinds tried calling her i was frekaing out major bad.. my sister was out in a pub a few miles away and there was no way she could come get me.. i yelled and screamed wanting my sister outside her house for about a hour. i was so scared of everything... i felt i couldnt interact with other people other than the people i trusted.. other people jus scared me... during this time i felt myself melting into the ground so i started jumping around till the melting sensation went away... i felt scared... then my friends managed to talk me down a bit and when i was trying to call my sister i was like SHIT i cant fuckign call my sister when the phone is melting into my hand my friends luaghed and then i luaghed a little too.. then i started to get scared rigt after again.,. i started crying and shit and then i felt since i ddint want to move from my sisters house i was ruining everyone else nite i fetl so bad and so shitty... then my friends talked me down then i felt i no needed my sster by the time it was like 10.20 so we thought we would go somehwere... try to get into my local pub where i am barred. i walked into the bar and they told me i wasnt allowed in so we left and walked up the street.. this is when my sister called me and she helped me lots after i talked to my sister i felt great... i started to luagh a little just luaghing at nothing.. i felt invincible.. felt so great.. even felt great about the tiny little thigns in life i mean i was so happy about having 5 pence in my pocket... this is when the trip got really nice... i felt i was in control of my thoughts again i started to feel good.. i went to the bank and took some money out... i thoguht i was loaded with cash... even tho i wasnt and i was j0king round with the ppl around me rather then being scared of them earlier on.. the money i took out felt so thin... i then put the cah into my back pocket but it started to melt into the back of my leg gee it was funny was like to my freind D take the money take the money its melting into my pocket! haha was pretty funny.. everythign now was just sooo funny me and my freind started at the wall in a taxi office for about 5 mins luaghign so hard at the wall breathing. the taxi took us to a disco about 3 mile out of town once we got into the disco i seen some old friends form school... had some fun with them luaghed some more.. then decied to start drinking agian.. the music was hitting me in waves real nice tunes and i felt like i was flying on the dance floor dancing hard full of enery and the lasers and lights were so cool... and when i was talking to my friends and stuff everythign felt great and just perfect. this is the time where i was happiest in amongst some good friends... my 2 best freinds were there the music was great and wow best time ever... but during the stsrt of the trip i was soo scared and i jus think that little miss piggy girl who i dont trust sent me on a bad trip... so the come up was real shitty.. my best friend M who took the shrooms with me he has a great trip he was bouncing all over the place and was luaghing hard all nite,,, then near the end of my trip i joiend in the luaghter with him.. if only my trip could be like the last 3 hours of my trip all the time... being freaked out sucekd alot.. but i see the potential in shrooms u can have the best nite of ur life feeling great then u could have the worst nite of ur life being all freaked out.. i think with more experiance i can control the trip and make it feel great all the time... im new to shrooms and htis is the second time ive tripped on them. my 1st experiance with shrooms was simialr all scared for the 1st 2 hours then after that the trip was great.. hope this made sense

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