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microcosmic existenc

The morning started out as a plain ordinary day.

The morning started out as a plain ordinary day. The weather forcast called for snow,and as predicted,it was. Being in the construction trade,I was presented with a unscheduled day off. A beautiful oppurtunity to eat the shroom's I had been saving. For various reasons I had not been able to eat the shrooms at other (prime times). My Wife would be gone for the day, The kid's were in school, definatley prime time. I had been saving enough for two people, (14 Grams )it's usualy more fun with someone. But it's always been enlightening when by myself. I ate (10 grams) of ecqudore cub's. I was hanging out in my shop, fiddeling around with little projects to bide my time.My time was not bided very long.Twenty minute's later I was frying! Unfortunatley, although I was home because of snow,That did not mean other folks were not out and about. Forty five minutes into universal knowledge,A customer stopped by the shop! Trying not to stare at the trail's coming off his every movement, I talked,(I think) and faked,( we'll find out next time i talk to him.) my way through the ordeal. Obviously, I was not safe here in my shop. I live in the country, So I hopped on my snowmobile and headed for the wood's. It was gorgeous, heavy snow on all the trees. I smoked a bowl of weed,which took unusualy long due to my staring at all the christmas lights that were in the trees. The whole woods were lit up with colorful lights.
I decided to take a walk. I know my way around the woods as i walk around them often.But some how i could not get my bearings,and wandered around for while trying to figure out were the hell i was! When i discovered i was walking around laughing out loud, thinking, this is what insane people do,I thought i better get back home. If someone came to the door i would hide and not answer. I thought i would play guitar and express my creativity which seemed to be flowing rather freely. I walked in the door and took off my boot's,When i heard a sound downstairs, My wife had not gone anywhere because of the weather! Should i tell her? should i hide in the shop or woods? The wavy wall's were the tip off i should confess and let my wife know what was up. Fortunatley,my wife is cool with me tripping,although she does not partake. It was a surprise to her,seeing me talk to her with wide eyes,and uncontrolable laghter. I did not have to tell her anything, she knew right away! She said as long as i did'nt get in her way cleaning and what not i could listen to my music,(The guitar idea was gone by then as i could not hear or see anything without the wavy patterns that were flowing through the universe:)
I discovered that the world is not made of air,it is a gelitinous substance that one flows through.I could stick my arms out at any angle and i would be suspended in this thick gel.I had to practice moving in this atmosphere,my movements where to sharp,too jerky, I had to move with the flow of the universe.Soon it was a very matrix like world, The walls were flowing into the windows, the windows were flowing into the floor. the tv was on,Pink Floyd,Division Bell,was on, I thought i should find a channel that would flow with everything else. It turned out any channel i turned on was flowing with everything else. Thats when i discovered that there is a constant flow. My wife walked in to check on me,and she too was in the flow,right along with the walls,the windows,the tv,one contiuous movement. I thought i should move over by the speakers of the stereo for better hearing,then i figured out it did'nt matter where i was,the music was the walls,the windows,the floor, the tv,my wife ,myself! I was a part of the gel.Everything is at once.
I thought i must share this secret of the universe with others. The Shroomery! of course. There might be sombody else out there who was in the state of mind i was and could relate to this insight. With the keys on the keyboard flowing and changing colors with the rapidity of a chameleon running across a paisley print, I was not very effective. It was then that i discovered that an artist was someone who could take a picture of what they see in thier mind and present it to the people.
I was seeing and discovering things,but was having problems relating these findings.I went to the chat site and was immediatley thought to be a narc. After rambeling on(at one word a minute)I think people started to realise that i was not a narc,but a seriously trippin individual.I drafted my wife to translate for me,but she was unable to write what i was thinking.(imagine that) I told her thank you very much but i would try to continue on with out her. It was totaly useless. I resorted to one or two word sentances,incriptions,and hydrogliphics.
I noticed i was the only one at the plane i was on and said my farewells. I rode out the rest of my trip listening to the music. The tv did'nt go back to a regular view until this morning.
I took the shrooms at 10:00 am and did not come down till after i was in bed at around 11:00pm.That was the first time that a trip lasted so long without a lull in intensity. Definately one of the best trips i ever had.

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