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My first bad trip

I had done level 5 once before this level 5 and it was really insane.

I had done level 5 once before this level 5 and it was really insane. I dosed level 4 on mushroom tea this time. Even though I dosed level 4 I got a level 5, which is weird because I only dosed on 4.8 grams and I've done level 4 at 27 grams fresh and 5 grams dried before resulting in a regular level 4.

Lets call my friend Fish even though that’s not his real name. Me and my friend Fish had planned this night out well he did a 3rd plateau DXM trip and I did 4.8 grams of my homegrown shroomy shroomies. We tripped at my place. We dosed at around 1 a.m. I read online that if you have black lights it’s really cool to draw on yourself with highlighters while your tripping. As my friend was holding my hand to draw on it with his highlighters as the effects were first setting in it felt like he was hurting my fingers so I took my hand away. I asked Fish whether I could feel his fingers and when I did they felt really dead. Then I realized I felt dead, cold, and hard too. I felt extremely uncomfortable in my body.

I started feeling really bad really fast and I just kept on telling Fish that I felt like shit and I felt like I needed to kill myself. The ceiling kept on trying to get me. Fish was feeling a little strange so he took a step out on to my balcony. He was out there for a hell of a long time and it was freezing out and he didn't have a jacket on. When I came out he told me he was vomiting and he'd be ok.

We turned on Yellow Submarine to try to keep my mind off the trip but I was still very terrified. I saw squares of color and those blue people with multiple arms from the chrishna paintings (an Indian religion). For a while I thought I was my bed, the wall, and the TV all at once. I felt my head slowly liquidize and slowly poor off the side of my bed. I saw peoples faces in the ceiling, walls, and flying across my room telepathically telling me how much I sucked and that I was such a loser and I needed to die. It felt like I kept on dieing over and over again. I told Fish that this was it I had really done it this time I drove myself permanently insane by doing to much shrooms. When we turned the lights on after we turned off Yellow Submarine I suddenly felt like I was having an awesome trip and I was really happy.

After a little bit I seeped back into hell and even during the good part I still felt dead, hard, cold, and uncomfortable. Fish kept on telling me how I had to come outside and see all that puke he puked up but of course I didn’t want to. We smoked some shwag stems cause that's all we had. Fish kept on nagging me to come outside so I finally came out but it was to cold out and I couldn't handle it so we went back. While we were outside I wanted to go lay down under some trees by some bushes in a bed of pine needles but Fish told me about the bums that live in the bushes all of a sudden I thought I was a bum with no plans for my life and I was actually gonna be a hobo in my future.

At the peak I couldn't see Fishes face cause there was a huge pattern covering it and at some points his face looked warped to the side. I watched a bunch of cartoons fly through the air and the walls in my room. When I went to the bathroom I turned on the light but it was still dark then suddenly boom it was so bright I was temporarily blinded and then I got a slow strobe effect it's hard to explain.

When I came back to my bed I floated on to it and kind of hovered over it. As I lie there in the air I was still extremely depressed. My friend Fish said he had to go to sleep so I waited the trip out watching Gilligans Island for the first time on TV. I felt pretty crappy the next day too. Ever since that trip to hell shrooms have been giving me a hint of depression and some uncomfort with being in my body.

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