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Horrible, Beautiful

The best trip of my life came with a price.

The best trip of my life came with a price..

It was June 25th, 2000. Seven friends and myself were in the midst of throwing a little get together party. We had all we needed: 2 ounces of grass, a couple cases of cold brew, and most of all, 2 ounces of mush.

The first five of us arrived out at the house (which was way in the rolling countryside of Alberta, hah!) The three other members of our group had to stay behind in town to pick up the booze and weed, but we already had the two bags of mush. We decided to start setting up our tent that we planned to hotbox all night, and possibly sleep in. But before we did that, we each took about 6 grams of mush (except for one of us, who only took 3 because it was his first time) and hurried to work on the tent. Ten minutes later it was done, so we went inside the house to chill out and listen to some music. The minutes passed, and our other friends had still not arrived. Three of us decided to go for a walk, while the other two would go for a ride in the truck with two people who were already at the house when we had got there.

We walked down the huge gravel driveway, toward a gravel road. As we reached the end of the driveway, I looked to my left and saw the near by oil burning tower. It's flame danced and flickered in a rainbow of color. We continued to walk, and I continued to delve deeper into my trip. We walked for about half an hour until..

The last three members of our group came barreling down the road in their Bronco, system blaring. We ran back to the house and met up with them, and now, the party was really about to begin. We started by rolling a disgustingly huge joint, which was smoked by me and my one of my friends (we'll call him F) inside the tent.

There were then five of us in the tent, the rest were inside the house and on the porch, rolling and smoking. My friend J busted out the un-touched ounce of shrooms and began to eat. He told me that F didn't care how much we had, as long as we didn't steal from him.

Now by this point I was well into my trip, but I felt I needed boosters. I ate..and ate..and ate. My friends estimated I had eaten a total of 12-15 grams at the least that night, and I was in for one hell of a ride. My own stupidity was going to be the near mental end of myself that night.

The night wore on, and I was tripping hard. Nothing made sense. Everything was going in fast forward, rewind, and was magnified and glorified 10x over. I had left the real world many hours ago, and I was now just a body in the living room, the rest of me was in a perversion of the living room. Everything was large, bugs crawled about, and voices did not make sense. I could speak my first few words normally, but then I trailed off into mindless dribble. When music was playing, I lost all control of my body and just started dancing. My friends said it was amazing, it looked like actual real dancing(!) and that I was doing fast rolls and the like on the floor.

The room continued to grow more twisted, now it took on darker colors. Everything became almost Picasso-esque in appearence. The ceiling was made of dark wooden triangles, and had a forbidding red glow, as did the whole room, with traces of tellows and greens here and there. It was dark and sickening, but yet the most mind-blowing and beautiful sight I had ever seen. My friends were no longer their human form, they were now oversized, and the only way to describe their appearence was Ogre-like.

Then, for some odd reason, I decided to go and chill out alone, in the bathroom. I sat myself on the sink and looked around. My friend JY came and talked to me for a bit. Then it hit me like a freight train. I suddenly felt ill, and I was unwilling(able?) to move. I thought I needed a doctor, and I thought I was dieing. Everything I had been afraid of was now coming to haunt me, and to drive the sanity from my mind. I asked to be left alone, and my wish was granted. I thought to myself "You are not sick. Have a shower and everything will be alright." I did not want to shower, I HAD to shower to save my mind and soul.

But before I could have a shower, I began to hear voices all around me. What they said was a mystery, many voices, some heavenly, some demonic, all jumbled together speaking foreign tongues. Perhaps they spoke of life? Death? Then I heard a rumbling, and everything shook. I had to have a shower..or did I?

So I began the diffucult task of having a shower. I had to get the water just right, so that I wouldn't burn myself. I accomplished that task with relative ease, considering my current state. As I showered, all the darkness and evil thoughts, sights, and sounds went away. And as I finished having a shower, I heard a holy sound of a chorus of singers "ahhhhing." Everything was all right now. I dried myself off and got dressed (which was a very diffucult task!) I had only been in the bathroom for about 30 minutes, yet it was the longest span of time in my life.

As night turned to day, we all had revelations about our night. I realized I was an idiot, and showed no self control when it came to eating the shrooms.

But another thing I found out, and it is oh so important if you want to have a good time and avoid a bad trip is the following: If you feel a bad trip coming on, and you begin to freak out..leave wherever you are and go somewhere else! But if you think you can't walk etc., get one of your friends to remove you from your current location. I was a fool to stay in that bathroom, I could have left anytime, but I let it keep a strangle hold on me.

It had been then best trip of my life, but it had come with a price..and a lesson learned.

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