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Train Station

It started off as any day.

It started off as any day. out looking for weed my then boyfriend and i decided to get mushrooms instead. he was heavy into drugs and had done mushies alot but this was gonna be my first time doing anything but weed so i was kinda worried.

well we bought 10 grams of mushies with heroin on them which at the time i didnt know they had on them.we also bought a quarter of weed, 4 red snoops(e), and alot of alcohol.

so we sat eatin the mushies on the bus ride on the way to the train station. by the time we got to the train station there was about 8 of us.

well once the mushies and the e starting kickin in i started geekin out.that was my first mistake not tellin them i had never done e or mushies before because they never woulda let me take 2 caps of good e and 5 grams of mushies.

at first i noticed peoples faces changing like glasses and freckles appearing when they didnt have them. then i started noticing people running around across the track.
then there were about 200-300 people all lookin at me from about 150 feet away. i decided to stare one of them in the eye. bad idea. her head twisted off and flew right at me.

after that i decided to sit with the rest of my friends and try not to think about shit like that. so then my friends startin tell me about shit trying to trip me out even worse.
so that didnt help.

well then the e started to kick in and ya know u get all horny and shit so my bf and i decided to go off together for a little fun. well i dunno i started blacking out about here. but i remember we were in a 69 position and i woke up or whatever u call it and i saw a snake about to bite me well i freaked out and starting screaming for my bf to help me. well he turned around and i realized it wasnt a snake. it was something else. well how am i suppose to suck on something thats gonna bite me?

so then we went back to see the others.
when we got back i started trippin again but this time it was a head. my bf decided it would be funny to step on the head and when he did it turned into 4 black cats and they ran up a tree.

well now we were feeling kind of horny again so off we went again to have sex. well about half way through i started seein a bunch of people watching us and i told my bf this. he told me we were makin a porn and immediately cameras and shit appeared in there hands.

after this we walked back and drank some more and i dunno we snorted something which at the time i can remember i didnt know what it was. and i was so messed up i put the tube in my mouth. i later found out it was coc which didnt help out at all. the next thing i remember its 6 hours later and im at home wearing my bfs pants and a friends shirt.

they told me that i ran around naked and screamed about wanting to make another porn but i dont remember because i blacked out after we snorted the coc.


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