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Living in hell

One time I was sleeping over at my friends house, we had nothing to do.

One time I was sleeping over at my friends house, we had nothing to do. WE WERE SOOOOOOO bored we could hardly stand it, so..we went to our local dealer, and got some shrooms, i dont remember how much, or how much we paid. But we were sittin there anxious to start trippin. After awhile I started to see some wierd ass shit, like things coming outta the toilet when i had to take a piss, lol it was funny, some dude that looked like an eskomo came outta the toilet with turds in his mouth...EWWW, when I washed my hands the water looked like green goo.

When I got back from the bathroom my friend started trippin.
All of a sudden when I sat down, he said "WATCH OUT!!!"
I looked back..nothing was there, the only thing that was there was a bunch of moving walls and a bunch of colors. He told me that there was a giant misquito about to suck my blood, and I laughed, just from him getting that idea into my head I started to see them too, with a bunch of ostriches, purple ones..wierd..There were even trees growing in his room, like popping up! Even wierder, I started to see little red deamons running around with pitch forks staring at me, seemingly going to kill me..then i closed my eyes and re-opened them, and they were gone, AND MY FRIEND HAD THIS HUGGGEEEE BEATLE ON HIS HEAD!! Then I started to wonder what it would be like living in hell..
Then me and my friend went to his comp, things started to jump out of the screen, and they were once again little demons, after the demons were gone a huge satan jumped out, and scared the shit outta me! And then it seemed like i saw an angel and sitting next to god near the couch!

VERY VERY INTENSE TRIP, it was more then that though..I just am tired..

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