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Beach and redwoods

It all started with me getting my grubby little hands on about a pound of shrooms.

It all started with me getting my grubby little hands on about a pound of shrooms. So me and to other friends made a plan to go to Humboldt during hempfest 2000. It took about 3 hours from where we lived to get there but once we got the we went right to the park where hempfest was being held. It was about 6:00a.m. in the morning as we parked our car at the top of the hill there was noone else yet so we sat there for about 15 mins until a hippy came up to the car and knockrd on the window we asked him what do want he pulled out 5 bags of weed all 1oz. each. So we bought 1oz. of Black widow and 1oz. of white widow. Hempfest went on that day and we had fun lots of smoke and lots of people getting arrested in the woods so we got scared that we could be next so we left and made a plan to eat the shrooms at the beach but first we needed to pick up so hemp ale. When we got to the beach It was already dark so we found a place to set up camp. We did this. Then I pulled out the bag of shrooms and said dig in. We ate a lot of shrooms unknown number to this day. It was only 3-4 mins later and we stared to walk to the beach which was less than half a mile away. 12-15 mins past and my two friends started telling me that they were sinking in the sand and they were talking jibberish as well. I was not tripping but as soon as we got to the beach It hit me like a ton of bricks, I was sinking and forgot what I was doing. The beach was right in front of us but we could not see it because to us the sand went forever. So we turned back but it was pitch black buy this time and the only way you could tell your way back to the camp was a single light from the restroom. It took a really long time to us in shroom land to get back as we were walking back plants were grabing us trying to stop us from leaving we got away and made it to the camp site. We sat in the car for some time waiting for 3 more friends of ours to show up. As I sat there in the car I was tripping so hard that I was seeing numbers and letter fly by at a hundred miles an hour. You know like the begging of the matrix. We smoke a bowl which seemed like it lasted hours. One of my friends stared to worrie about our other friends andthought that something bad had happened because he seen it happen in his head so we took off to go looking for them. Note: Never drive frying hardcore, trust me. We were driving and we hit the gaurd rail about 3 times and our friends past us heading to the camp site so we turned around and raced them all the way back which was hella fun on shrooms. They set there camp up and we were all lost at this time they asked what we were on so we pulled out our bag of shrooms and let them dig in. We all decied to go to the redwwods so we had our one sobber friend drive us. Oh my, I felt like I had found heaven, I'm a city boy and I've never seen trees this big. We all went our seperate ways the night. I went really far into the woods and along my way I meet many people who were camped out there made a little money selling shrooms and finally came to a clearing that looked like man has never set foot there. And I could see fairies flying around and hideing from me were ewoks. The ewoks were cool I guess I seen them because of the movie return of the jedi was filmed in the redwoods. I just sat there and time pasted and finally I fell asleep in the woods. When I woke up I had no idea were I was but thankfully my friends wernt to far from me asleep. I woke them up and we shared each others trips. We talked about what happened to us. And vowed to return every year after that.

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