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I Brained my damage?

First of all, I believe that this is a level 5 story, not just because it was intense, but I went completely out of my mind and ended up in the hospital.

First of all, I believe that this is a level 5 story, not just because it was intense, but I went completely out of my mind and ended up in the hospital. I couldn't control my body and I was having these "convulsions". When the effect finally wore off I had scrapes all over my legs, cuts on my left hand, and bruises on the back of my head and EXTREMELY swollen feet.

It all started off on new years 2000-2001. Me and my friend went to his cousin's place, and from there went to a party where I knew no one. I planed on getting a $40 quarter of screamers (shrooms) and did. I gave 2 medium size pieces to my friend, a big stem to his cousin, and a small cap to his cousin's friend. As for me, Im not sure because I just kept on eating, but my friend says I must've eat 5 grams in total.

We were downstairs just trippin out and sitting on the couch. It slowly started to hit me. There was a strobe light going and trippy music, which first tripped me, then a picture of an alien. And eventually I wanted to go check out a neon picture of shrooms - that's when I knew something was wrong. I could barely feel myself walking. Later when we went to watch the countdown I went upstairs, but quickly went downstairs afterwards. It felt like I was honestly melting! And the next time we went upstairs, I was scared to death. I ran downstairs and sat there until we left. Then when we left my friend told me not to look up at anyone - just keep walking - but I looked up, and what I saw was myself. This was the point where I just lost it. I had NO control over what I was saying or doing.

Me and my friend were just sitting in the van and talking, and I CAN'T remember exactly what I was saying. Then we had to move to the back of the van. It was so hard for me ; how was I supposed to move if I couldn't even feel my legs! But, I somehow did. And I can't remember the ride to where we went next, but all I know is that I must've been saying some crazy stuff. Everyone was laughing at me, then staring at me, but soon enough I just blacked in and out for the rest of the night. When I was in reality, I didn't know what was going on, and whenever I blacked out I just went nuts. My legs would fly everywhere, same with my hands. My friend says that I kept on trying to kill myself by holding my breath. The most unbelievable thing about the experience was what was going on inside my head. There's no possible way of explaining it - its just like a near death / out of body experience. But I still recomend not taking shrooms to anyone. And there was some sort of thinking thing going on. It was crazy.

They say that for hours I was going crazy and they tried to calm me down, but I can't remember any of it. And to this day my friend still won't tell me everything I was saying. I said some really weird stuff. I know I said something about God, and I'm pretty sure I talked about life.

Eventually the ambulance came and took me away. I was really flipping everywhere. I had convulsions until later in the hospital when they made me drink some black stuff. I though this was all a dream until I was completely sober. I heard one of the nurses say "I had never seen anything like this!" ....and MAN!! was I ever sore! my feet. and chest. I asked if I was in a car accident because I had scrapes and was in a hospital.

My friend's cousin thought I would be retarded. That's the way I was acting. It looked like, and thought at one point, that I would be retarded for a long time. And the doctors said I was lucky to be alive because people die from overdosage.

Well that's my story. Quite the trip, eh?

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